Posted June 4, 2011 08:06 pm - Updated June 8, 2011 10:28 pm

78 Days of Summer: Smart shopping

For Day 15 of the 78 Days of Summer, I thought I would share a favorite summer activity of mine: Bargain Hunting.


Now I know this term might conjure up images of that awful, scratchy, multi-colored sweater of your grandmother's, but it doesn't have to be that way! If you know where to look you'll certainly find some great deals!


Uptown Cheapskate: My new favorite! Next to Mish Mash and down the street from the strip mall with Peach Mac, this is a recent discovery of mine and I'm hooked! It's just like Plato's Closet except better! The clothes are of better quality, better organized, and they usually give you more money for your used clothes! After one visit I found eight dresses that I immediately wanted to take home.  Several were H&M, Gap, Old Navy, and even a beautiful sun dress from a boutique that had never been worn!  If you've tried Plato's Closet and left unsuccessful, give this place a chance! And as a bonus, there are even cute stickers in the dressing rooms to help you decide what items to keep!


Goodwill: Trust me.  Not all of their clothes may be fashion forward but the ancient adage "seek and ye shall find" definitely applies here.  If you take the time to sort through the pile of clothes, you're almost certain to find some keepers.  One of my favorites was a delighfully soft J. Crew sweater for 50 cents!


T.J. Maxx: Ever seen those commercials? "We'll make a maxxinista out of you!" Well, they're right.  Although usually more expensive than the above suggestions, I still check out this spot as often as possible.  One of my favorite outfits (a darling Calvin Klein cotton dress and super fabulous Jessica Simpson earrings), was a T.J. Maxx discovery, and you're sure to find your own.  With an awesome selection of purses, I find myself walking up and down the aisles with an arm load of purchases every time I go.  Their shoe department leaves something to be desired in my opinion, but in virtually every other department, they've got you covered.  Again, one must be dedicated to shifting through the reject pile, but I am always able to find something when I go. I even once spotted a stunning BCBG Max Azaria cocktail dress for 50 percent off the original price!


One more well-kept style secret is the art of closet-cleaning! I have claimed more than a few Dooney and Burke purses and fabulously fun earrings from my mom and her mother (don't worry, I asked before I took most items).  So next time you're looking for something new to throw on, try hunting through their old dressers!  After all, they were young and fashionable just like you once upon a time, right?


And so, my fashionably frugal shoppers, I challenge you to check out each of these spots and I wish you all a fantastic summer and happy shopping!  And you might even be able to grab some fro-yo with all that money you saved  ;) (see my previous blog post)