Posted August 1, 2011 05:33 pm

Locals Find Savings with Online Yard Sale

If you've got some items that you'd like to sell or trade, consider participating in a new, local online yard sale group.


Online Yard Sale started on Facebook in May, and co-founder Allison Adams said the group now has more than 4,100 local members on its Facebook page. Adams and her friend, Alison Spradlin, started the page for their friends and never planned for things to take off like this, Adams said.


This is how it works. The site is closed to the public, so prospective members must request to be accepted into the group. Then, they can post their items for sale or trade.


It's a great way to sell items "easy and fast," Adams said.


Buyers and sellers communicate via Facebook to determine a time and place to meet, and the buyer is responsible for all of their own transactions. Most people gather on near major retailers during the day. On any given day, nearly 100 people could gather. People wear signs to help them find each other, she said.


Participants sell items from baby clothes, cars, houses, roosters, school clothes and school supplies. There are no fees involved. The Facebook page is simply a free gathering place for people to connect to talk about their merchandise. Business professionals also offer their services on the site. People come from as far as McCormick and Barnwell to sell items, Adams said.


Adams said that she has received e-mails from people across the country asking her to help them start their own online yard sale. Because of the site's success and the hours she has dedicated to maintaining the Web page, Adams and her husband, Brent, have decided to open a store front called The Shop and Drop in late August.


Instead of having to meet their buyer in person, sellers will be able to drop off their items at The Shop and Drop at 3830 Washington Road in the Kmart shopping center for the buyer to pick up and purchase at their own convenience. The seller will be charged a small fee by The Shop and Drop, she said.


The Shop and Drop will also sell home consignment items and feature vendors selling jewelry, handmade tutu dresses and handmade wreaths, Adams said.