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Posted January 13, 2009 12:18 pm - Updated February 11, 2009 02:38 pm

So this is what Jesus looks like?

He’ll deny it, but I’m convinced our arts & entertainment writer, Steven Uhles, is well on his way to becoming a doll collector. He’s currently got an Iron Man action figure, a George W. Bush doll and a weird statue of Mike Myers done up as The Love Guru on his desk. 

Most recently he’s added Jesus to the collection. (Apparently a friend bought it on clearance at T.J. Maxx over Christmas.) It looks sort of like a G.I. Joe, except robed in white with sandals on his feet. Unlike some dolls which aim to satirize the person of Jesus, this one actually tells Bible stories. It seems like a sincere attempt to create a Christian child’s toy. 

So why doesn’t it look like Jesus might? The doll, like most depictions of Jesus, has fair skin, straight brown hair and a close-shaven beard.

It’s true that the Bible never gives a physical description of Jesus, but can’t we at least conclude that Jesus would have looked like a Jewish man of his time?  

A local pastor, John Kenney of The Quest in Martinez, has questioned Westernized interpretations of Jesus in his current series, American Jesus. Read more on his blog. 

So, what do you think Jesus looked like?

Does it matter? 

(By the way, you can find Jesus figurines plus other toys like an Archangel Michael action figure at Family Christian Stores.)