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Posted August 8, 2011 11:54 am

Put a sock in it, Stevie

In case you missed it, Adam Scott won the WGC-Bridgestone Invitational on Sunday.

I understand if you didn't realize Scott was the winner because so much focus was put on his caddie, Steve Williams.

After Scott had secured a four-stroke win and had a brief interview on CBS, the main event started. Williams, who became famous as Tiger Woods' caddie, proceeded to tell the world how this was "the best week of my life.  I've caddied for 33 years, 145 wins now and that's the best win I've ever had."

Williams is bitter because Woods fired him recently after being together more than 12 years. That partnership included 13 major championships and dozens of PGA Tour victories. The average person wouldn't know who Williams is if he hadn't carried Tiger's bag all those years.

The relationship between a golfer and caddie is one of the most fragile in all of sports. Some partnerships endure for long periods of time, while others barely last a few months. Such is the fickle nature of golfers and caddies, and Williams should appreciate the times he had with Woods.

I understand Stevie might feel jilted, but give me a break. It was absurd for the fans at Firestone to chant his name as the caddie and player came up the final fairway. And it was unbecoming to take the spotlight away from Scott, a great young player, on one of his best victories.

It burns me up that so many folks are painting Williams with a sympathetic brush after he was dumped by Woods. Let me remind you that Stevie once threw a fan's camera in a lake, called Phil Mickelson a name unfit for print and was generally a boor when approached by fans and media alike. He routinely disrepected the game by taking off his caddie bib on the final green when he was with Woods, but didn't do it Sunday with Scott.

Williams was strutting around Sunday, thumping his chest and touting all of his success. I guess his previous employers, which included Raymond Floyd, Greg Norman and Woods, had little to do with those 145 victories Stevie takes credit for.

It's often been said that the best caddies show up on time, keep the clubs clean, give accurate yardages and keep their mouths shut. Williams does the first three well, but he needs a refresher course on the last.