Posted May 20, 2009 07:59 pm - Updated May 21, 2009 07:13 am

The Finale: Adam vs. Kris - Results

Hosting a American Idol viewing party/potluck and live-blogging a show at the same time? Not the brightest idea. I'll try to best to post my thoughts during tonight's two-hour extravaganza. Feel free to post your comments before and after Adam Lambert or Kris Allen becomes the eighth champion in Idol history. Have fun!

Judges' Intro: Looking back at the panel's favorite catchphrases is funny stuff. Randy's "for me, for you." Kara's ""sweetie" and "honey." Paula's vocabulary. Simon's "What?" and "Huh?"

Group song: So What. That's pretty much what I thought about that performance. The only good thing is that it's the last of the season. We missed you, Jorge!!

David Cook: The Season 7 champ sang Permanent, a beautiful ballad written about his brother who died of cancer earlier this month. So glad he performed that. It will be hard to top that.

Lil Rounds/Queen Latifah: What was Queen wearing? I'm going to leave that one alone. Lil looks like she's having fun on stage. Finally. Another break: Cut to commercial break so she doesn't have to defend herself to the judges.

The Golden Idol Awards: My least favorite portion of the finale every season means it's time for a dinner break. But not before a reprise of And I Am Telling You from none other than ... Norman Gentle! You had to see that one coming.

Jason Mraz: The finalists come out for I'm Yours. Great song. Wow, it sounds so much better than the Group 1's effort during the semifinals.

Kris Allen/Keith Urban duet: Anyone else think it's kind of odd two guys are singing a song called Kiss A Girl? Kris sounds great, though. The pairing is working really well. The clips of Kris' audition are all we're going see about that. To consider how little help he got from the producers and now he's on the brink of winning, it's amazing.

Black Eyes Peas: The girls get it started in here. Sorry, I had to. Megan Joy, glad to see you're still having pitch problems. Allison Iraheta outshines them all. Can't wait for that record, girl!

Bakini Girl Returns: Another sure bet. Ryan Seacrest delivers the line of the night"I was going to ask "What's new?" but I guess I already know." Zing! And Kara DioGuardi just stole the show! She's in a bikini, to!!! Is it possible redeem yourself for three months of transgressions with one performance. I think so.

Allison Iraheta/Cyndi Lauper duet: I love me some Allison, but I was really hoping she's be rocking out tonight. Maybe she and Adam will do a reprise of their amazing duet. There's still time ...

Checking in with the Allens: Kris' parents are so cute. That is all.

Team Lambert: They're super proud of their son. I would be, too.

Danny Gokey/Lionel Richie: The Gokey takes on Hello. He's no David Cook. I still can't look at him without thinking about The Note. Sorry.

Adam Lambert/KISS duet: Time to look back at Adam's journey. A balladeering Adam is wearing a cage, it appears. Then he introduces KISS. Now it all fits. Harry Chest Alert!! My friend just said Adam looks normal compared to all of them. Very true. He looks in his element up there, rocking and rolling all night.

Santana: Oh, no, another group number, Smooth. Not out of the woods yet. Nice feature for Matt Giraud. Anyone remember Chris Richardson doing this during Season 6? J-Lo was the guest mentor. Ah, memories ... After the last Ford music video of the season, set to I Will Remember You, David Cook tells Adam and Kris they're getting brand new Ford Fusions. Score!

Steve Martin: On a banjo, with Megan Joy and Michael Sarver. How ... random.

Twenty-minute warning. Who's getting nervous?!?!

Rod Stewart: All eight male finalists take the stage this time. Let's hear it for Noop Dogg! Yes, I'm sure ROD STEWART is getting everyone revved up in their living rooms.

More Golden Idol Awards: It has to be time for Tatiana Del Toro!

Tatiana Nicole Del Toro: Oh, how I've missed Tatiana. She deserves to be in a category all by herself. She rushes the stage to sing Saving All My Love For You. Again. So special, that girl. Ruben Studdard's face: priceless.

Adam Lambert/Kris Allen duet: They're singing We Are the Champions. Yes you are, guys. The bromance is on full display. Perfect.

Time for the last commercial break. I can't take it. Breathe, Jason, breathe ...


I was right! Wow, Kris actually won this thing. He totally deserves it. Adam would have, too. This scene is what I live for every season. Kris is stunned. He can't even speak. Adam is the definition of a class act. The other finalists, especially Allison, look really happy for him. So are the judges. Simon -- not even standing. He does not look happy. Way to be a man, Simon. Get ready to hear Kris' version of No Boundaries all summer. Poor guy.

Well, I've had a blast chronicling this season for all of you. I won't be stopping any time soon. And be sure to visit This Is American Idol thoughout the summer and fall, too. I'll blog about the latest Idol news and gossip until Season 9 begins next year -- and throw in some So You Think You Can Dance just for fun. What did you think of tonight's show? Did the right guy win? And whose album will you be lining up to buy they day it comes out?