Posted May 14, 2010 04:40 pm

Markeytha's Keys to Fashion Sucess

Evans High Senior Markeytha Chapman's style is exemplary in all aspects. Finding inspiration from celebrities such as Miley Cyrus and Chanel Iman, Chapman's style is unique and chic. Chapman, who love skirts and believes that you can use a skirt to create any outfit, has a style that is truly original.

J: "Describe your style."

M: "My style is cute, chic, and comfortable but also very dressy."

J: "Where do you find your fashion inspiration?"

M: "Chanel Iman always inspires my outfits. But sometimes I like to dress like Rihanna. I also like Ke$ha and Miley Cyrus."

J: "Which current styles do you like in men's and women's fashion?"

M:" For guys I personally like  Levi's jeans with a nice button down shirt or Polos. Khaki shorts are nice also, but I don't like jean shorts.  For girls I love the skirts and  free flowing tops that aren't too fitted but aren't too loose either."

J: "Where do you like to shop?"

" I use to shop online at forever 21 but now that it is here I shop in store. I also like express, H&M and walmart for miley cirus stuff"

J: "If you could snoop through the closet of any celebrity, who's closet would you choose?"

M: "Either Miley's or Chanel's"

J: "Why do you love skirts so much?"

M: "I love to show my legs."

J: "What is the craziest outfit that you've ever worn?"

M: "These Yellow leggings with a miley cirus top. It [the outfit] was cute but I wouldn't wear it again." 


Markeytha's Favorites:

Colors: "Red, White, and Yellow"

Designer: "There are way too many to choose from."

Accessory: "Necklaces and bracelets."


What would you wear...

To Graduation? "A nice day dress...perhaps floral."

On a date? "On a first date, jeans and a nice tee shirt with flats. On a second date, a fitted dress with heels or flats."

On a typical day at school? "I usually just throw stuff together in the morning."


Three Tips for Fashion:

1. "Wear things that fit you. Choose something that's not too tight or not too loose."

2. "Feel confident in what you're wearing."

3. "Wear what you like, not what others like."