Posted July 23, 2006 04:08 am


I have always heard that there was a great fault line that goes through every state in the south east,central us,its name is the GREAT MADRID fault line,recently as 3 days ago there was a 2.5 quake on the fault,in the past about every 27-35 years in the late 1800's and early 1900's there was quakes in ga and sc,i remember when hugo hit sc there was a 3.0 quake was detected under the damn at clarks hill.Does anyone know if the emergency management team in augusta has plans if a quake hits and causes damage there?there was several small quakes here in alabama last week,yes there are so small you dont really feel them but the madrid fault will rupture again,i think the recent small quakes are signs that a bigger one is on the way.With all the plants in the southeast that can cause severe damage if they are damaged does anyone have plans to deal with it?thats my qustion?Augusta is close to a very dangerous plant SRS,what would happen if a quake happens miles away and srs is severly damaged,are people ready,able to respond?There has been so called physics,prophets who has predicted that the madrid fault will wake up and shake so long and so hard that it splits the us in half,laugh if you want no one really knows what power is under our feet,take heed,plan,ask qustions your well being could be at stake.iam not trying to scare anyone or cause an uproar i want people to know the dangers and know what to do if and when it happens,and its going to happen,just because people are on this planet does not mean mother earth is going to keep quit just because we are here.