Posted February 3, 2006 05:34 am


I need a favor,i want to make child support tax deductible. You would think that it is but its not,i pay 192.00 every 2 weeks and its hard,i think people like me who pay their support ought to have the choice to claim it even if the person who receives it dont have to claim it. It would make more people incline to pay the support,knowing they will get rewarded at the end of the year,money wise that is. it would help people who is struggeling to pay it also,if they make people who get it claim it on their taxes it would probally stop some of the false support claims also if the person getting support has to file it,iam opened eithier way on that. i sent the irs email asking them to change the law,i sent the governor,senate emails asking,i even sent one to busch,he will never read it i know.please if you would send your senator a line asking to change this,thanks