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Posted September 13, 2011 12:03 pm

ShopGirl blogs Project Runway, season nine episode seven

Oh, guys. I'm honestly so disappointed in humanity after watching this episode of Project Runway. Calling it selfishness is a huge understatement. It's more of social stupidity and immaturity - Josh M., Becky, Bert, Laura, the repeat offenders. They're just about as self-unaware as a human can be.

The challenge was for the two teams (Team Chaos and Team Nuts and Bolts) create a fashion show, complete with video background and music, featuring fabric the team designed. Fabric design challenges always go over well, with just about everyone saying they have a graphic design background. That puzzles me, because don't all art/creative industry people have some kind of graphic background? I feel like it goes without saying but whatever.

The two teams could not have been more different - you could even call them Team Happy Campers and Team Biting and Clawing. I think I will.

Amazingly, team HC got Olivier, Anthony Ryan, Viktor, Bryce and Anya (a harmless group) and team BC got Bert, Laura, Josh M., Becky and Kimberly.

I know. How does that happen? But it did, so let's move along.

Josh M. was a nightmare, but so were Laura and Becky. Bert was surprisingly laid back in his dealings, and took a lot from Josh M. that he (take note, Becky) was grown-up enough to let roll off his back. Kimberly wins the Most Likely To Actually Be a Nice Person in Real Life award, as she stayed out of all the drama and managed to create a passable look without calling names and pulling out the fingernails.

Becky got sent home, as she absolutely should have been, if not weeks ago. Old MK is right - she's an amazing seamstress but has exactly average design talent. Her sewing skills and entry level tailoring eye has kept her afloat until now, when there are fewer truly horrendous people to distract the judges. Auf wiedersen, Becky. Until you learn to be an adult to people like Josh M., you will not be able to survive in the business world, much less the fashion world. Keep etsy-ing, because I think that's just about all you can handle. (I mean zero disrespect to people with etsy shops  - it's a beautiful new interface for handmade items, and smart business people are using it. I just don't think Becky can handle working with real people with real issues, so she needs to keep hidden behind a computer storefront.)

Josh M.'s behavior is so inexcusable that I don't even know where to begin. If he had even a germ of talent, he might be forgiven out of a "crazy genius" motive, but his designs are consistently on par with a Halloween drag queen fashion show, only fitted for size 2 women. He clearly has a lot of insecurity issues and this contest means a lot to him (just like the other competitors, though...just saying). The call home was touching, of course, and the bit about his mother, but I just can't help like we're all being set up by Josh M. He needs to forgive himself and move on, and not take it out on semi-crazy people like Becky and Bert.

Bryce! Oh, Bryce...finally. I loved his look and I feel like watching between the lines, you could finally see that he had a chance to shine among all those older people. He knew how to handle the media and technology, and their video was truly stunning. I don't care what the judges say, Brycie, send me that outfit and I would wear it tomorrow.

Why did Anya win? I think Viktor was a clear leader. That runway thing was weird, too...the whole voting for oneself is just plain tacky. When Olivier did it first, it was kind of cute but everyone? Thanks Bryce for being polite.

Instead of saying who should have won, I'm going to rank my personal favorites. These rankings have more to do with niceness than design talent, I'm afraid...but here they are nonetheless.

1. Bryce (it's always nice to see someone pull themselves together. I still won't be surprised to see him go next week. It's just too predictable.)

2. Kimberly (this woman is going places, Project Runway be damned.)

3. Olivier (is it an act? what is his accent exactly? why did he make those horrific pants? maybe it's his mystery.)

4. Viktor (truly good designer, and again, someone who did a 360 personality wise)

5. Anthony Ryan (used to be my favie, but he's been a little whiner and that I can't stand)

6. Bert (used to be dead last, but he's regaining equilibrium and just needs to modern-up)

7. Anya (do not. trust her.)

8. Laura (I feel like I have known so many Lauras it's just not funny. Gross.)

9. Josh M. (see earlier paragraph. no comment.)