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Posted September 8, 2011 07:20 pm

ShopGirl blogs Project Runway, season nine episode six

This week's challenge was to create an avant-garde look inspired by young artists at Harlem School of the Arts. As only Project Runway could, the challenge's limitations and goals changed almost everytime they were vocalized.

To begin with, avant-garde is akin to happiness in that it is a quality and not a goal. I know I sound ridiculous there, but how can you possibly tell a group of designers to make something avant-garde? I feel like you can only say that in looking back, like "what an avant-garde piece." But there are so many things I could have taken issue with this week, I'm going to just let go. This review will be short, but there's really just not much to say.


Anthony Ryan: Really? It's a sad day when this is really the best look. Too literal, lazy construction and nothing avant-garde about it...I feel like I've seen this dress before. He did interpret the painting, so props there.

Laura: This one angered me. How dare you stand there and call that an avant-garde look. That is 1982 prom and you know it. The gall of her. And apart from the very literal flower inspiration, where's the painting?

Anya: I actually thought this one was pretty good...avant-garde enough, still a lot of the painting manifested and yet not a carbon copy. Watch out for this girl. She's scary. And apparently untouchable...why don't they give her feedback? Weird.

Viktor: What...even...I don't know. Strange. What a passed up opportunity, with such vibrant colors in the art piece, but just that baby blue and cottony white in the dress. It was definitely thought-provoking as a piece, which is more than you could say for Laura and Co.

Becky: Why would denim ever seem like a good idea, sweetie? We want to disagree with Josh M., but you leave us no choice. The cube element was odd and different, but you had a galaxy to work off of! No excuses. No excuses, especially for the one-shouldered Walmart bag you sent down the runway.

Josh M.: The challenge was avant-garde, not high school theater costume. I take that back - is it a ballet of trees? Since when is painting a neoprene circle high fashion? Did not deserve the thanks he got. The top was thoughtful, and the hair was a good choice. He's a weird one...I can't decide if he has talent or not.

Bryce: Oh, honey. How it pains me to see you slowly fade away. This look was a fair, middle, safe look but he is in no position to be designing safe looks. This was his last chance to change the judge's opinion of him. However, I believe he had the most truly avant-garde design, and really interpreted the spirit of his painting and brought it to life in a dress. It wasn't earth shattering, it wasn't photogenic, and it didn't deserve to be in the top three. Out of what was shown, yes. But was it a top three-worthy dress, no.

Bert: Another surprisingly good look, and way to go Heidi for taking up for him. With a different color choice and some tweaking in the proportions, he could have had a no question win. He, however, chose horrific shades and proportions that are a tad past clownish. Know when to stop, Bert.

Olivier: Oliiiivier, you're breaking my heart. And now it seems you've shaken your confidence daily. I hate to say it, but unless something changes quickly in the cute little ambiguously-ethnic boy's heart, he's right there with Bryce. His look was so strange, homemade and bland, it had nothing creative and nothing painting-y about it.

Josh C.: Really? You just proved that you were supposed to go home weeks ago. The judges made the right choice however many weeks ago it was, and your teammates did not last week. I really think he should have stuck with the fur weirdness, just so he didn't send this discount Halloween vampire saloon girl look down the runway. Nothing could have possibly been worse than this.


"I could use a big 'ol red crown about now," -Anthony Ryan

"Oh my Lord of the Rings."  - Viktor