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Posted September 7, 2011 05:35 pm

Organizing your closet, brightening your desk and catching free concerts.

This past week's gorgeous weather reminded me that the time to pull out the pea coats and pack up the sundresses is just around the corner. Season switch-outs can be an excellent time to purge your wardrobe and give your closet a deep clean.
I'm sure you've heard this before, but it really is a good idea to limit yourself to a set quantity of clothing and shoes - when a new sweater or the perfect pair of ballet flats catch your eye, force yourself to give away something else to make room.
As you're packing away the summer shorts and tank tops, however, be hard on yourself about what deserves to take up attic space. Will you really use that super-trendy vest a year from now? Did you wear it more than twice this summer? If the answer is no or maybe, donate it to a thrift store.
You can never have too many USB ports, especially when they spice up the atmosphere of your desk.
Gadget website fredflare.com sells an Aphrodite bust that houses four USB ports out of its base. The ceramic art-meets-technology is only $46.
If Aphrodite is too hoity-toity for your space, Amazon.com sells a Darth Vader USB hub that also has four USB ports for only $60. The Darth Vader version also lights up and makes the iconic breathing sound that makes the Sith lord so terrifying.
September means the beginning of Tuesday's Music Live at St. Paul's Church, and it's not too early to mark the first concert on your calendar.
The Guidonian Hand Trombone Quartet will be performing on Sept. 27 as the first luncheon concert. The performance begins at noon and end at 12:30 p.m.
Lunch afterwards is catered by Crum's on Central, and tickets for the luncheon are only $10. The menu for Sept. 27 is ham salad and Gruyere cheese on a herb wrap with mixed greens.
The Sept. 27 concert is made possible by a gift from Anita Irvin and Lillian Cullum.
Make your reservation for lunch by going to www.tuesdaymusiclive.com.