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Posted August 30, 2011 12:21 pm

ShopGirl blogs Project Runway, season nine episode five


If you haven't watched this week's episode, get it here.
I haven't seen this much drama since I was 14 and two of my friends were noticeably not invited to a certain birthday party. Oh my stars. This episode was frustratingly producer-ized, but the high level of theatrics showed some interesting things about the remaining contestants.
Cecilia leaving: eh. She was super lame and not adaptable at all. She'll keep designing, I'm sure, but Project Runway was not going to do anything for her and she wisely realized the stress wasn't worth it. Bonne chance to her, especially since we got back the gayest not-gay boy in the world - Josh C.
Viktor, Olivier and Josh C - Dress/motorcycle jacket is awesome. One of the only looks you could truly wear with tennis shoes and not feel awkward. Glitter pants with black pockets unremarkable, but that tshirt was really bunchy. Olivier's dress/skirt thing was just weird. Not a good idea.
Bryce, Kimberly and Danielle - The short dress should have been paired with leggings. And I don't care what Josh M says...leggings are a fact, not a fad. All these tacky patterned and ripped leggings will hopefully drown somewhere off the Jersey Shore soon, but black leggings have long since been a staple for dancers and athletes and this is an athletic collection. Kimberly's shorts/jacket look is cute but feels like I've seen it a lot. And Danielle, Danielle, Danielle...why do you do this to yourself? It's back to shapeless chiffon for you baby. What's wrong with actually designing something for once?
Anthony Ryan, Laura and Bert - Oh honey. That was a hot mess, you're right, and there's just nothing more to be said. Camel toe, bad on her skin tones, unflattering length and not enough structure. Laura's right as well - her look is just nasty. Just as she's growing on me, she has to go do something stupid. Bert's look is the best? Wow. What a disappointment.
Josh M, Becky and Anya - That vest is the weirdest. They were right to do a sheer back on that top...surprising shot of sexy into workout clothes. Becky's look wasn't bad, especially considering what she had to deal with. Anya's dress was okay. The stripe element was wise, but it should have been tennis length and not draggy like it is.
What a confusing mix of realization and disappointment. Now I kind of like Laura, Anya kind of scares me and it's a tight race between Bert and Josh M as to whom I hate more.
I feel like Anthony Ryan got a bad rap on the runway. Through all the nasty drama (which, I though, he and Laura handled admirably), he knew he was going to be ultimately responsible for whatever pranced down the runway. He was really nice, too nice, to Bert and I hope he learned his lesson. Designers - whether they like it or not - have to be smart business people. They're going to be dealing with manufacturers who may try to gyp them, editors who may want to style their looks in a weird way, or (like this week) collaborating designers who will do everything they can to try and steamroll any outside input.
There was so much drama I can't even start to cover it all, so I'm not going to try. Watch the full episode, though, and be grateful for what you don't have to deal with today.
"Your demographic is 40 to death." - Josh M (see what I mean by mean?)
"It's very pretzels in the biergarten." - Michael Kors