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Posted June 22, 2011 11:18 am - Updated June 22, 2011 11:19 am

Sweet threads, cool cases and yummy treats


Uptown Cheapskate has been open for about two months, but a lot of people still haven't gone out to see it.

A consignment store similar to Plato's Closet, Uptown Cheapskate is located on Washington Road next to Mish-Mash Interiors and Kid to Kid.

Consignment and thrift store options have grown more and more popular in the past several years, spanning a wide range from Goodwill to the designer bag rental program Bag Borrow or Steal. Uptown Cheapskate falls somewhere in the middle, with prices better than what you would find in the retail store but not quite as good as some other thrift store options. The clothing and shoes' condition was good, but I saw a few pairs of shoes that I thought were a little too scuffed up for the price they were asking.

However, the store was really large and quite well-organized, with an impressive selection of brands. Shopping in a smaller metropolitan area like Augusta can be monotonous at times, but stores like Uptown Cheapskate bring clothing from stores we don't have, at a price that beats driving to Atlanta.

The store also has a much wider selection of guys' clothing and accessories than most other consignment stores, leaning more towards Urban Outfitters than Southpole.

My favorite part - if you're thinking about cleaning out your closet, they will give you 25 percent more for the clothes they accept if you use it for store credit instead of cash.

Overall, if you're willing to spend a little bit more (and I really do mean just a little bit), Uptown Cheapskate is a well-lit, laid-back, interesting new shopping option for the CSRA.


You know those cell phone pockets, usually made out of cloth or neoprene? Turns out, those have a purpose besides just looking good.

During hot weather, your cell phone can overheat pretty easily if you're using it in the sun. Those pocket cases can keep it insulated from the heat while you don't need it, saving the battery for when you do.

I saw some really neat ones on etsy.com, and not just with hearts and flowers, either. Etsy seller "Coolbeans717" was selling neoprene cases for around $20 that looked like hot waffles, 80's mix tapes, a little tiny boom box or a toaster pastry.

Of course, there were also a ton of cloth cases using gorgeous vintage fabrics, organic cotton or felted wool. Those ranged from $20 to $40.


Popsicles and ice cream bars are a fun treat when temperatures climb, but keeping your freezer stocked can make your grocery receipts climb as well. Try making your own out of fruit or ice cream you have hiding in your kitchen.

For basic fruit popsicles, use the ratio of 1.5 cups of fruit, one cup of yogurt and half a cup of milk. Add honey if you want, and leave the fruit chunky so you can taste the flavor by itself every few bites.

For a really fruity popsicle, fill the mold halfway with Capri Sun and top it off with sliced fruit. The result is a healthier option to Fudgesicles and is almost too beautiful to eat.

If you don't have popsicle molds, you can still make summer treats at home.

Pour the popsicle mixture into small disposable paper or plastic cups, stick a plastic spoon in after the mix has frozen a little and then peel the cup off when you're ready to eat. If you don't want to waste a bunch of paper or plastic, just pour it in a plastic cup and run it under warm water to pop the treat out when you're all set to enjoy it.