Posted October 16, 2013 03:50 pm - Updated October 16, 2013 03:56 pm

Teacher Resume Advice

After you have completed your college coursework, passed the necessary licensing tests and received your actual license, the next step in the process of becoming a teacher is sending out resumes to get a teaching job. Because schools receive many applicants for one posted position, it is imperative that your resume stands out from the other candidates' resumes.




You can peruse several teacher resume examples here and here to find resumes that are specific to your grade level and content areas. Choose from such areas as art teacher, assistant principal, librarian, kindergarten teacher, preschool teacher or special education teacher. Gather information from a variety of resumes to put together your perfect one.




After you have included your name and contact information, put the position in which you are interested in bold at the top of your paper. This is more simple and direct that writing long-winded objectives. Directly under this, highlight your special skills set. This attracts the attention of the administrator more quickly than the average objectives most people use. Show a bulleted list of your specific skills, including what you plan to bring to the school district. Think about skills like adaptability, having interpersonal and communication skills, being resourceful and knowing how to differentiate instruction effectively.


Teaching Proficiencies


These, in essence, prove to the hiring administrator that you know what you are doing as a teacher. Examples of teaching proficiencies include technology integration, individualized education plans, guided reading, student motivation and parent-teacher communication. Listing these at the top of your resume not only makes you stand out, especially if you give a columned and bulleted list, it leaves no doubt in the administrator's eyes that you understand what is necessary to be an excellent teacher.


Work Experience


Begin with your most recent work experience, whether it be your last teaching job or something else, preferable related to teaching. List the school or company, years when you worked there and your specific position's title first. Write a bulleted list of tasks and responsibilities, beginning each one with an action verb. Continue your list of experiences, preferably with a minimum of three jobs. Be sure to include your substitute teaching experience also.




When listing your education, begin by stating the degree earned starting with your most recent degree. Write the college from which you received this degree along with the location of the college. If you want to impress and received a good grade point average, include that.


More Tips


Be sure to include buzz words that relate to education in your resume to show administrators that you are up-to-date on relevant lingo. Focus on what you can do to raise standardized test scores, improve literacy in the classroom, emphasize your classroom management skills and talk about differentiated lesson plans. Do not forget to mention your achievements, awards, professional development and any extracurricular activities or organization in which you are involved or would like to be involved.


Anything you can do to set your resume apart is crucial in obtaining a teaching position. Follow teaching resume examples to get the best ideas for your outstanding resume.