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Posted July 28, 2009 10:28 pm - Updated July 29, 2009 12:14 pm

Ladies, it's OK to cuss

Ladies, it's OK to cuss.

That's according to Dr. Marsha Loda, the animated assistant professor of marketing at Augusta State University.

She was the speaker at this month's Women in Business luncheon. Her topic was Improving Your Communication Skills to Enhance Your Management Skills. Dr. Loda  made lots of good points, but the advice that got the biggest reaction was, "When you are with a new group of men - cuss."

But just one time, and you can use only one of two words: "Damn or hell."

She gave this example: When there's a big problem, say something like 'Well what the hell are we going to do about this?'  Those guys will stand back and say 'OK, we can work with her,' Dr. Loda said. 

She also advised business women to have greater physical presence at meetings. 

"Have you noticed how much space men take up at the table? They're all over the place. And we women are sitting there with our hands folded in our laps," she said.

And speak up. "Add to the conversation, but don't dominate," she said.

Dr. Loda's presentation, complete with detailed PowerPoint, was informative and amusing.

Dana Bedden, superintendent for Richmond County Schools, and Charles Nagle, superintendent for Columbia County Schools, have a tough act to follow. They're  the speakers for the next Women in Business lunch - Tuesday, Aug. 18. Their topic: "Beam Me Up Scotty: New Technology for Old Schoolers."

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