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THE 2000s



JAN: 7, Review of 1999; 14, Country Cares for Kids album/Hank Snow dies; 21, Update Linda Martell; 28, Ralph Stanley becomes Opry members.


FEB: 4, Lewis Family in Madison/USNO on dates; 11, Dollywood expands; 18, Jim Varney dies; 25, Mel Tillis.


MAR: 3, George Jones Grammy; 10, Tommy Scott; 17, Billy Joe Royal; 24, Heather Myles; 31, Music City News folds as print edition.


APR: 7, Country stars at Masters; 14, Minnie's house tours; 21, Pat Conroy; 28, Gary Allen.


MAY: 5, Jim & Jesse McReynolds in Augusta; 12, Kate McTell Seabrooks; 19, Pop Lewis, Billy Gilman, unbroken country music circle; 26, Joan Baez, Part I.


JUN: 2, Joan Baez, Part II; 9, Fan Fair bad sides; 16, Marijon Wilkin; 23, City Lights Festival preview.


JUL: 7, Augusta's Female Country Stars; 14, City Lights Fest With Bill Anderson; 21, B.L. Workman and Doug Kershaw; 28, Fingerstyle Guitar Association.


AUG: 4, Fan Fair 2001 Preview; 11, Mississippi Country and Blues Stars; 18, Lynn Houston and Magic; 25, Jim Ed Brown & Helen Cornelius.


SEPT: 1, GMHOF Nominees & Performers; 8, Rob Crosby; 15, Review of Hall of Fame show; welcome to Elizabeth Garcia; 22, B-52's Cindy Wilson; 29, Bus driver Charles Lamb.


OCT: 6, Lewis Family's party; 13, Grand Ole Opry's 75th birthday; 20, James Brown concert; 27, 30th ANNIVERARY COLUMN!


NOV: 3, Valerie DeLaCruz; 10, Chad Brock, The Kinleys; 17, Gov. Jimmie Davis dies; 24, Trace Adkins.


DEC: 1, Roy Clark coming to Newberry, S.C.; 8, Kitty Wells retires, part I; 15, Kitty Wells retires, part II; 22, Chubby Checker and Tex Ritter at Christmas; 29, ROUND-UP QUOTES.



JAN: 5, Review of 2000; 12, Mary Travers in Newberry; 19, Deaths of Steve Manderson and Mildred Mays; 26, Special Angels (Suzanne & Kelly Geimer), Part I.


FEB: 2, Special Angels, Part II; 9, Jon Randall with Augusta Ballet; 16, COLUMN LEFT OUT BY EDITOR DUE TO LACK OF SPACE; 23, Kix Brooks watches wife in Augusta.


MAR: 2, Dolly Parton & Faith Hill win Grammys; 9, COLUMN LEFT OUT BY EDITOR DUE TO LACK OF SPACE; 16, Riders in Sky and round-up; 23, City Lights festival planned; 30, Dollywood's season opens.


APR: 6, Charlie Robison; 13, COLUMN LEFT OUT BY EDITOR DUE TO LACK OF SPACE; 20, Sorry state of country radio; 27, Ralph Stanley coming to Lewis festival.


MAY: 4, Jimmy C. Newman, Lewis Family festival; 11, Greg Trooper; 18, New Country Music Hall of Fame opens; 25, Lorrie Morgan & Sammy Kershaw romance.


JUN: 1, Lamon Brothers; 8, Country music in Carnegie Hall (O Brother & Others); 15, John Hartford dies; 22, Little Jimmy Dickens and City Lights fest; 29, Randall Franks remembers Carroll O'Connor.


JUL: 6, Fun at City Lights festival; 13, Chet Atkins and Johnny Russell die; 20, Marty Robbins' tribute albums, etc; 27, Lonestar's I'm Already There, etc.


AUG: 3, William Bell; 10, Opry switches from TNN to CMT; 17, Eric Beddingfield and County Line; 24, Terri Gibbs; 31, web site.


SEP: 7, Derailers; 14, Ga. Music Hall inductees announced; 21, God Bless America, Again song; 28, Suzanne Geimer, Special Angel Project.


OCT: 5, Rich Brotherton; 12, James Brown rehearsal with Bobby Byrd and new school song; 19, Sammy Kershaw and Trace Adkins at Aiken Fair; 26, Alan Jackson, Ga. Music inductee.


NOV: 2, Sara Evans could sweep CMA's (but doesn't); 9, Joe Diffie headlines Guitar Pull; 16, Guitar Pull reviewed; 23, Archie Jordan at USC-Aiken; 30, Joe Diffie warns about John Dere Green.


DEC: 7, Kicked out of Bethlehem; 14, Beatles loved country music, George Harrison & Pete Drake; 21, Jingle Bells writer; 28, Year End Quotes.



JAN: 4, 2001 Remembered; 11, Hovie Lister dies; 18, CMT/GAC respond to gripes; 25, Bill Monroe in Augusta in 1947, also old time fiddler's conventions in Augusta.


FEB: 1, COLUMN LEFT OUT BY EDITOR DUE TO LACK OF SPACE; 8, Augustan Alfred Cumming, Gov. of Utah; 15, The Hushpuppies; 22, Elvis in Augusta twice in 1956.


MAR: 1, Eddy Arnold at 83; 8, Eddy Arnold, mall walker; 15, Rock N Roll Hall honors Brenda Lee; 22, First Edition Savannah concert with Kin Vassy; 29, COLUMN LEFT OUT BY EDITOR DUE TO LACK OF SPACE.


APR: 5, Comcast doesn't carry Austin City Limits; 12, Louise Mandrell, I; 19, Louise Mandrell, II; 26, Luke McKnight/Lewis Phillips and Bluegrass music history/Lewis Festival.


MAY: 3, Chely Wright; 10, McBride & The Ride reunite; 17, Aaron Tippin; 24, Greg Boerner, new album; 31, Weird country at ACM/GA. Music Hall of Fame selections announced.


JUN: 7, Etta Jones; 14, Bill Anderson and Dad's 80th birthday; 21, Flameworthy Awards; 28, Ann Landers dies.


JUL: 5, Aaron Tippin born on 3rd; 12, Cowboy Envy; 19, Marshall Tucker Band; 26, Kenny Chesney and Andy Griggs' love songs.


AUG: 2, COLUMN LEFT OUT BY EDITOR DUE TO LACK OF SPACE; 9, actor Hank Jones, AGS Homecoming; 16, Elvis Presley; 23, Anita Humes Chappelle; 30, Chad Jeffers, Pinmonkey.


SEP:  6, Larry Jon Wilson, voice of Turner South; 13, Otis statue unveiled in Macon; 20, Etterleeroad band festival; 27, Clarence Carter.


OCT: 4, Catching up e-mails; 11, COLUMN LEFT OUT BY EDITOR DUE TO LACK OF SPACE; 18, Clyde Lester does Bubba West tour; 25, 50th anniversary of James Brown at Apollo.


NOV:  1, Mickey Newbury & Bashful Brother Oswald die; 8, Carolyn Dawn Johnson & Blake Shelton; 15, Faith Hill & Tim McGraw shut out of awards; 22, Stone Briatico, kid at Guitar Pull; 29, Matt Stovall dies.


DEC: 6, Christmas offerings; 13, Jimmy Carter in town; 20, Heloise the helpful hints lady; 27, Round Up Quotes.



JAN: 3, Look at 2002; 10, Jim McReynolds dies; 17, Hank Williams' two Augusta shows; 24, Betty Buckley rides in Futurity; 31, Sammy O'Banion in town.


FEB: 7, COLUMN LEFT OUT BY EDITOR DUE TO LACK OF SPACE; 14, Robert Earl Keen; 21, Pauline "Mom" Lewis dies; 28, Ray Charles incident in '50s Augusta.


MAR:  7, Jamie Jones records grandmother and aunt's songs; 14, Patsy Cline's 40th anniversary, Part I; 21, Patsy Cline's anniversary, Part II; 28, Norah Jones records for Waylon tribute album.


APR:  4, Sammy O'Banion & Greg Boerner return to Augusta, Silver Dash Music at Railroad Days festival; 11, Dixie Chicks controversy; 18, Michael Guido's Easter Sunrise service; 25, Lewis Family festival.


MAY: 2, Aaron Tippin; 9, Mac Wiseman; 16, Pat Boone; 23, Sonny Osborne talks about Boudleaux and Felice Bryant; 30, Percy Sledge in Augusta.


JUN: 6, Country music & prisons (Reidsville photographing at state prison incident); 13, T. Graham Brown returns to Commerce;   20, Suzanne Lawrence Geimer attends 40th high school reunion as success; Gen. Tommy Franks likes country music, etc.


JUL: 4, Shannon Lawson; 11, Lester Maddox dies; 18, Patty Loveless & Tanya Tucker coming to Newberry, Elvis contest; 25, Bill Anderson CD of hits, Harper Valley PTA's 35th anniversary.


AUG: 1, Bob Hope's influence on country music; 8, Tanya Tucker's bad concert; 15, COLUMN LEFT OUT BY EDITOR DUE TO LACK OF SPACE; 22, Larkin Sisters; 29, Dottie Rambo, Part I.


SEP: 5, Dottie Rambo, Part II; 12, Vestal Goodman at New Hope; 19, Johnny Cash tribute; 26, Sheb Wooley dies.


OCT: 3, Stella Parton on sexual abuse; 10, Joe Nichols; 17, Hushpuppies benefit, etc.; 24, Oak Ridge Boys in Newberry & other stuff; 31, Carl Smith and Floyd Cramer inducted into CMA Hall of Fame.


NOV: 7, WKXC Guitar Pull Preview; 14, Guitar Pull Review; 21, 50th anniversaries of WJBF and WRDW and what they did for local country music; 28, Jimmy Wayne.


DEC: 5, Bryan Kennedy in Cod Roaster; 12, Christmas happenings with Cod Roaster, Elvis show with Jeff Barnes & Russell Schneider and Walk-Throughs; 19, Buddy Jewell; 26, Year-End Quotes.



JAN: 2, Year 2003 Reviewed; 9, Wilburn Brothers with Teddy's death; 16, David Ball; 23, Black Bottom Biscuits; 30, Where Are The Young Country Singers?


FEB: 6, Bluegrass series coming to Imperial; 13, Willie Nelson coming to Civic Center, etc.; 20, Elvis tribute artist Matthew Spalding tries again;  27, Local artists who have won Grammys, etc.


MAR:  5, Fairfield Four; 11, (APPLAUSE SECTION MOVES BACK TO THURSDAYS) Andy Leftwich; 18, Lives of Reily; 25, Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver.


APR: 1, John D. Loudermilk; 8, Irving Waugh; 15, Glenn Kearney; 22, Mac Wiseman on Johnny Cash last days; 29, Billy Currington at Day in the Country (news side) and Jim McReynolds without Jesse column.


MAY: 6, Mountain Heart; 13, Ricky Skaggs; 20, Okefenokee Joe (Dick Flood); 27 Gary Waldrep at Mossy Oak festival in Guyton, Ga.


JUN: 3, Harlem High's Barry Hemphill commencement talk; 10, Bill Anderson's Whisky Lullabye & City Lights Fest; 17, Gary Allan; 24, Bill Lowery tribute.


JUL: 5, Cherokee, N.C., Festival; 12, Con Hunley back; 19, Newberry Opera House schedule; 26, Janie Fricke does bluegrass.


AUG: 1, Ray Charles dies; 7, Damon Hendrix in Imperial; 15, Ansley Carter and Reilys on Cledus T. Judd single; 22, James Brown, from jail to European tour; 29, Jason White songwriter (Red Ragtop).


SEP: 1, Jedd Hughes songwriter; 8, Archie Jordan at Etherredge Center; 16, Chuck Leavell inducted into Ga. Music Hall; 23, Skeeter Davis dies; 30, Dixie Dooley in Las Vegas.


OCT: 7, Tony Butala of Lettermen; 14, Lynn Anderson; 21, Jeff Bates; 28, Country stations in Augusta area.


NOV: 4, Paul Brewster (Kentucky Thunder); 11, Greg Hutto, talent contest winner; 18, Guitar Pull review; 25, Brenda Lee coming to Newberry.


DEC: 2, Billy Dean; 9, Eryn Eubanks coming to Guido Gardens; 16, Dierks Bentley; 23, Jekyll Island bluegrass; 30, Year-end favorite quotes.



JAN: 6, Year 2004 Reviewed; 13, Oklahoma! comes to Abbeville Opera House; 20, Shiloh Band vocalist April Amick;  27, Montana author Tom McGuane.


FEB: 3, Steep Canyon Rangers bluegrass band; 10, Football star Mel Blount loves country music; 17, The Lewis Family to be inducted into Gospel Music Association Hall of Fame; 24, Justin Lewis Price-Rees fiddles for Dread Campitt band.


MAR: 3, Sammi Smith dies; 10, Kristin Stewart stars in Stand By Your Man show in Newberry; 17, Chris LeDoux dies; 24, Archie Jordan and Guido Easter Service; 30, Nashville Star series.


APR: 7, Claire Lynch returns to studio and touring; 14, California Hispanic artist Victor Sanz; 21, Billy Gilman tries comeback; 28, Josh Gracin at Day in Country show/ Chris Goss opens show.


MAY: 5, Josh Crowe; 12, Old Crow Medicine Show; 19, Marcia Ball; 26, Gordon Stoker (Jordanaires), Part I.


JUN: 2, Gordon Stoker (Jordanaires), Part II;

9, Bill Anderson thanks Rick Schroder; 16, Bluegrass book by Stephanie Ledgin; 23, WRDW-AM's 75th Anniversary; 30, The Lewis Family's One Rose CD.


JUL: 7, Sally Rand at the Imperial; 14, Eddy Arnold at the Miller and Miller history; 21, John Jarrard benefit in Gainesville with Larry Jon Wilson; 28, Split Rail bluegrass band.


AUG: 4, producer Steve Ivey; 11, Miranda Lambert at Fort Gordon; 18, Patrick Davis at The Mission; 25, Tony Cannon of Waynesboro.


SEP: 1, Patty Loveless new Hall of Fame member and new CD; 8, Jimmy Wayne; 15, King James 1611 Boys at Elijah Clark; 22, 1965 British Invasion with personal memories of The Beatles, Tom Jones, Herman's Hermits, Peter & Gordon; 29, Reeltime Travelers band in Aiken.


OCT: 6, Old Crow Medicine Show in Imperial; 13, Ed Enoch and The Stamps to perform with Jason Sikes; 20, Rhonda Vincent; 27, Billy Dean [35TH ANNIVERSARY COLUMN].


NOV: 3, Danielle Peck on Guitar Pull; 10, Review of Guitar Pull; 17, Jedd Hughes and Patrick Davis coming back; 24, CMA & Johnny Cash shows.


DEC: 1, WGAC-AM goes on air 55 years ago today; 8, Stella Parton in Newberry; 15, Ricky Skaggs Christmas show; 22, Catching Up column; 29, End of Year quotes.



JAN: 5, Year in Review; 12, Peter Noone (Herman's Hermits); 19, Western stars in CMA Hall of Fame/ Sandi Patty for Jan. 21 religion page; 26, Solid Ground bluegrass band.


FEB: 2, Johnny & June, Part I; 9, Johnny & June, Part II; 16, Damon Hendrix year?; 23, Brenda's 50th anniversary.


MAR: 2, Walk The Line Oscar nomination recalls trip to premiere of Coal Miner's Daughter and Larry Jon Wilson at Cash house; 9, Backstage with Bill at the Ryman; 16, Tracking down Hal of Hal & Ginger 50 years later; 23, Duane Allen of The Oak Ridge Boys; 30, Buck Owens dies.


APR: 6, What Learned At Country Radio Seminar; 13, Mike Guido done wrong by GSU students; 13, Emmylou Harris backstage at the Ryman and Brokeback Mountain song; 27, Rodney Dillard of The Dillards.


MAY: 4, Blake Shelton headlines Day in the Country Festival; 11, Elvis Costello on Opry; 18, Jaycie Ward of Beech Island meets Martina McBride; 25, Pat Green and Josh Turner at Hot Southern Nights Fest.


JUN: 1, Todd Fritsch; 8, Mark Wills at City Lights Fest; 15, PovertyNeck Hillbillies; 22, Ronnie Dunn on General Jackson; 29, Deepstep Bluegrass Band from Dublin.


JUL: 6, Elvis contest in Aiken/ Jason Sikes doing concert in Aiken/ Elvis 50th in Augusta; 13, Jeannie Kendall; 20, Bellamy Brothers; 27,


AUG: 3, Trent Willmon in area; 10, Lewis Family has new CD, Flyin' High; 17, Musicians memories of Bob Dylan; 24, Pirates of Mississippi in area; 31, Atlanta based Lost Trailers at Rest Fest.


SEPT: 7, 14, South Carolina band Mountain Angels at Elijah Clark bluegrass festival; 21, Shane Owens in area; 28, Restless Heart regroups.


OCT: 5, Ty Herndon in Augusta; 12, North Carolina band Candlewyck at Aiken Bluegrass Festival; 19, John Anderson and Del McCoury do local shows; Aaron Tippin back in area; 26, Rockin' Robbie Hodges at NBHA World Championships.


NOV: 2, Charley Pride to be subject of movie; 9, Darryl Worley to be on Guitar Pull; 16, WKXC Guitar show reviewed/ Sidebar interview with Reba McEntire about CMT special; 23, Jason Aldean of Macon; 30, 90th anniversary of Modjeska Theater.


DEC: 7, Brad Paisley Christmas CD; 14, Sanders Family Christmas show and Lewis Family tie; 21, Packway Handle bluegrass band from Athens; 28, End of Year Quotes.




JAN: 4, Review of 2006; 11, James Brown's visit to Opry recalled; 18, Jeff Bates back in Augusta; 25, Tracy Byrd and Blackhawk at two Augusta clubs.


FEB: 1, Dierks Bentley tour of Georgia; 8, Steve Holy and Confederate Railroad in town; 15, Pennsylvania Elvis tribute artist Frank Fierle and local Elvis contest/ Sidebar, Dixie Chicks Grammys; 22,


MAR: 1, Ronnie Milsap's links to Augusta; 8, Ronnie Reno's bluegrass festival; 15, Bon Jovi at Nashville radio gathering; 22, Country stars back in town; 29, Tootsie Orchid Lounge's 47th anniversary.


APR: 5, Rodney Atkins in town with Duane Sciacqua; 12, Dub Taylor film; 19, Area bluegrass festivals; 26, Hillary Lindsey in Washington, Ga.


MAY: 3, Lonesome Will Mullins; 10, Aiken Bluegrass Festival moves to farm; 17, Jeff Bates coming; 24, George Strait turns 55; 31, Summer Heat movie 20th anniversary.


JUNE: 7, Jerry Lee Lewis, 50th anniversary of charted singles & Bell shows; 14, Nipples To The Wind with Kacey Jones; 21, 90-year-old Tommy Scott's biography; 28, City Lights Festival without Bill Anderson.


JUL: 5, Lady Antebellum, etc.; 12, The Hushpuppies; 19, Rhett Akins; 26, Ralph Peer, 80th anniversary of Bristol sessions.


AUG: 2, Kacey Musgraves; 9, 30th anniversary of when Elvis died; 16, Deborah Allen at Morris; 23, David Lee Murphy; 30, Red Steagall new CD.


SEP: 6, Otis Redding exhibit opens in Macon; 13, Chris Costner Sizemore (Eve); 20, Robert Duvall gets Emmys but no Augusta Players awards; 27, Tad Wilson in Full Monty at Hilton Head.


OCT: 4, Lovell Sisters; 11, Peanut Faircloth new CD; 18, Neal McCoy; 25, Leon Everette.


NOV: 1, Lady Antebellum (Dave Haywood); 8, Eric Church; 15, Guitar Pull Review; 22, Things To Be Thankful For; 29, Van Zant.


DEC: 6, Joe Diffie; 13, B.J. Thomas & Billy Joe Royal in Newberry; 20, Bill Anderson Bluegrass CD/DVD; 27, End of Year Quotes.



JAN: 3, Review of 2007; 10, Doc Watson & Bill Pinkney memorial concert in Newberry; 17, famous horses in Augusta with Futurity and otherwise; 24, Ronnie McDowell in Newberry; 31, Barbara Brooks at Futurity.


FEB: 7, Garth Brooks, Travis Tritt birthdays and coming shows; 14, Danny Stirling in Elvis contest; 21, Eubanks family to have June festival; 28, Johnny Cash in the Bell.


MAR: 6, Famous country history in Marches; 13, Marty Stuart coming to Imperial; 20, Peewee Moore bluegrass artist; 27, Augustan Greg Boerner's new CD.


APR: 3, Ga. entertainers with 4-H roots make CD; 10, Charles Kelley of Lady Antebellum; 17, Kort McCumber loves golf; 24, Dailey & Vincent to play at Lewis festival.


MAY: 1, Jason Aldean to play riverfront; 8, Observations on recent festivals; 15, Eddy Arnold dies; 22, Eric Durrance; 29, Teddy Gentry in town.


JUN: 5, Dottie Rambo dies; 12, Mike Compton at Eubanks festival; 19, Dan Tyminski in Greenwood; 26, Summer Elvis contest and Austin, Mike, Steve honors.


JUL: 3, Greg Haynes beach music book; 10, Statlers & Tom T. Hall inducted into CMA Hall; 17, IBMA gathering; 24, Aiken's Savannah River Stringband; 31, Naomi Seago Reader.


AUG: 7, David Peterson's 1946 Band; 14, Jeff Barnes does Ultimate Elvis contest; 21, Review of No. 9's White Album concert; 28, Eric Lee Beddingfield.


SEP: 4, Larry Jon Wilson success in England; 11, Eric Durannce new CD and tour & JB book signing; 18, Christine Kane; 25, Lewis Family concert in Imperial.


OCT: 2, Review of Lewis Family show w/ Earl Scruggs and Jeff & Sheri; 9, Michael Scott helped by Tracy Lawrence; 16, Lorrie Morgan coming to Aiken fair; 23, Guy Clark coming to Newberry, Pete Fledderman dies; 30, Rodeo cowboy Vince Bruce of England at NBHA show.


NOV: 6, Robert Earl Keen and other stars coming to Newberry; 13, Ten years of the Guitar Pull; 20, Review of the Guitar Pull; 27, Breakout year for Luke Bryan.


DEC: 4, Rodney Atkin's It's America; 11, Crystal Gayle in Ky. Hall of Fame, Dennis Yost dies; 18, Jekyll Island Bluegrass festival; 25, End of Year quotes.




JAN: 1, NO COLUMN DUE TO MISSED CONNECTION; 8, Review of 2008; 15, Ricky Skaggs coming to Newberry; 22, Elvis in January 1956; 29, Buddy Holly crash 50 years anniversary.


FEB: 5, Songwriter-singer Mason Douglas; 12, Rip Torn & Robert Duvall and Augusta Players; 19, Dailey & Vincent; 26, Michael Guido dies.


MAR: 5, Blue Dogs at Morris; 12, Comedian Dennis Swanberg; 19, Rock Eagle 4-H benefit show; 26, Lewis Family to have last festival.


APR: 2, Brenda Lee in Newberry; 9, D.B. Bryant country rocker; 16, Dan Miller of WSM dies; 23, Marksmen have favorite Lewis festival memories; 30, Day in Country line up.


MAY: 7, Jim Lauderdale at Blind Willie's blues fest; 14, Eric Lee Beddingfield and Natalie Stovall in town; 21, Country stars who served in military; 28, Hephzibah and Appling Oprys.


JUN: 4, Jason Michael Carroll; 11, Tracy Lawrence; 18, Area exhibits recognizing home grown talent; 25, Hap Harris remembers burned Georgia Theatre in Athens.


JUL: 2, Jefferson Ross; 9, Dixie Dooley remembers Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett Midnight Plane story, Elvis contest in Aiken; 16, Miriam Allen in North Augusta; 23, Jon Jackson; 30, Billy Scott and Georgia Prophets.


AUG: 6, Judy Tyler in Jailhouse Rock; 13, Brenda Lee and Flo Carter in Nashville; 20, Abbey Road concert review; 27, Lewis Family's future/Little Roy/Lizzy Long, etc.


SEP: 3, Jett Williams, Part I; 10, Jett Williams, Part II (legal battles); 17, Elizabeth Von Trapp, Part I; 24, Elizabeth Von Trapp, Part II.


OCT: 1, Georgia talents Lady Antebellum, Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean; 8, Luke Bryan back in town and new CD; 15, Blind Willie McTell biography; 22, Hushpuppies new CD; 29, NBHA's Trick or Trot and Midnight Plane to Houston.


NOV: 5, Steve Azar; 12, Guitar Pull preview; 19, Steep Canyon Rangers; 26, Oak Ridge Boys' Christmas show.


DEC: 3, Ty Herndon playing local benefit concerts; Lewis Family Tradition's first show in Pigeon Forge; 17, Randall Franks' celebrity cookbook and other stuff; 24, Pure Country movie going to Broadway; 31, End of Year roundup quotes.



JAN: 7, Look back at 2009; 14, Greenbrier High School seniors stage musical to save Miller Theatre; 21, Eric Church back in town; 28, Carl Smith dies.


FEB: 4, Taylor Swift and other country Grammy awards; 11, Gretchen Wilson coming to town; Dailey & Vincent to perform; 25, Dennis "The Swan" Swanberg and Flo Carter offer benefit concerts.


MAR: 4, Ernie Haase & Signature Sound in Evans; 11, Rounder Records 40th anniversary show and CD; 18, Riders in the Sky and Yellowood TV commercial; 25, Grand Ole Opry tent show in Augusta in 1945.


APR: 1, Fans of Old Line Songs(FOOLS) new rules, April Fool column; 8, Ball-Taylor-Ball '70s Augusta trio; 15, Ga. House of Rep. honors Lewis Family/goodbye to Peanut Faircloth and Aubrey Guido; 22, Army Staff Sgt. Jamie Buckley; 29, Day in the Country started as WGUS gift to city of Augusta.


MAY: 6, B.B. King's lead trumper player Stanley Abernathy; 13, Dixie Bee-Lingers at Aiken bluegrass fest; 20, Becky Hobbs writing Cherokee history musical; 27, Thom Bresh comes back to town.


JUN: 3, The McClymont to be at Hot Southern Night concert; 10, Corduroy Road bluegrass band disbands/ Flag Day history; 17, JaneDear Girls to perform for Jesse's June Jam; 24, Eryn Eubanks' offers third music festival.


JUL: 1, Country rock Bobby Compton of Comer; 8, third annual Visions of a Legend competition in Aiken; 15, Microwave Dave show in North Augusta; 22, What ever happened to Bobbie Gentry?, 29, Terri Gibbs at Bethesda Baptist homecoming/ goodbye to George Pritchard and Hank Cochran.


AUG: 5, Corey Smith of Jefferson, Ga., at amphitheater; 12, Eileen Sisk and her Buck Owens' biography; 19, Newberry Opera House schedule/ Luke Bryan's farms tour; 26, Corey Crowder of Covington, Ga., opens for Josh Kelley.


SEP: 2, Number 9 Beatles' band should be back in early 2013; 9, lots of bluegrass music in area; 16, Del McCoury to be back in Imperial; Charlie Daniels been coming to Augusta since 1973; 23, Del McCoury talks of touring with Bill Monroe; 30, John Anderson returns/ Guitar Pull ticket stops/ Tammy Wynette exhibit in Nashville.



OCT: 7, Kort McCumber back in Augusta/ bluegrass awards; 14, George Jones' history of Augusta shows since 1960; 21, 40th anniversary of Ramblin' column approaching; 28, 40th ANNIVERSARY COLUMN, REPRINT OF FIRST RAMBLIN' COLUMN IN SAVANNAH.