Posted July 31, 2013 02:33 pm

Braves first-rounder Hursh feeling comfortable with Rome

Atlanta Braves first-round pick Jason Hursh visited Augusta with the Rome Braves this week. My full story on Hursh can be found at Talking Chop here.


When the Atlanta Braves picked Jason Hursh with the 31st overall pick of the 2013 draft on June 6, they knew about the devastating fastball that touches upper-90s and sits mid-90s. Baseball America called it "one of the most devastating pitches in the draft."


But Hursh still flew under the radar some in the draft. Braves scouting director Tony DeMacio said Hursh already has a plus changeup, and the breaking stuff is developing. With a little more success in the minors, Hursh might not be flying under radars much longer.


Hursh has thrown 13 scoreless innings on five hits with seven walks and 13 strikeouts over five starts. The low innings total is the result of the Braves limiting his pitch count after a full college season, and it will probably be 2014 before he's throwing full starts. But the right-hander has looked good in limited minor league action, according to reports.


Hursh isn't pitching in the series at Augusta this week, but I caught up with him and talked a bit about the minor league experience so far. The full story on Hursh can be found at Talking Chop.


"It’s been a great experience so far. Everyone has been really professional and everything. Just going about your life day to day, it’s really a high-class team. I was really excited to go to the Braves. It’s been a good time so far.


"It was a lot of excitement. It’s what you worked for your whole life. The first thing was, 'Wow, I got drafted.' And then what team was it? The Braves. I processed that and all the great pitchers that have come through the organization and knew their history in developing pitchers, it got me really fired up.


"As soon as I signed, they said you’re going to Rome and continue pitching. I was excited. I knew it was a great facility up there. People always talk about the coaching staff and great guys up there. When I first got there everything was like they said; great facility, great staff, they take care of you, so it’s been awesome.


"One thing I try to keep in mind, it’s always the same game I’ve always played, so you just have to keep doing what got you here and what’s kept you successful."