Posted June 22, 2013 10:44 pm

Agosta leaves Saturday's game with "dead arm"

Augusta GreenJackets starter Martin Agosta walked two, hit two and allowed a two-run single before getting three outs in the first inning. That would be all for him in his 13th start of the season.


GreenJackets manager Mike Goff said Agosta is going through "dead arm." Goff said he didn't want to take a chance with a second inning of work with him fighting it and losing his mechanics.


As Goff confirmed after the game, Agosta's mechanics showed an attempt to compensate for the dead arm. He was losing six to seven miles per hour on his fastball, and his usual slight crossfire motion began losing energy to the first base side. His arm angle and release point became the victims, and he missed both sides often.


"He was feeling for it," Goff said. "When a guy is a couple miles an hour down, it’s no big deal. When it’s six or seven, something isn’t right. It’s just not worth it. He’s going through a little dead arm. If we’ve got to give him a start or two off, so be it. His career is more important than one start in Augusta."


Agosta entered the game having thrown seven innings in each of his past four starts, including a one-inning stint in the South Atlantic League All-Star Game. Goff indicated Agosta wanted to return for a second inning, but he was pulled.


Agosta threw 114 innings between St. Mary's and the Arizona League last season, but a workload is usually heavier in full-season ball. It's something the Giants will certainly monitor the rest of the way, and I wouldn't be surprised if he took a little time off. Time will tell.