Posted April 16, 2013 10:19 pm

GreenJackets Wrap-up: Agosta shuts down Lexington again

Tuesday - GreenJackets 2, Legends 1


Baseball is never predictable from game to game, but rematching two solid starters in Martin Agosta and Bryan Brickhouse in the low minors is a pretty good recipe for a pitching duel. Both are advanced arms who know how to get a lot out of their stuff and make adjustments.


Agosta's fastball was commanded well to both sides, and his slider worked well to the inside part of the plate in the 2, 3, 4 innings. He took advantage by going outside half in the last couple innings and, although he struggled with control in the fifth, did a nice job working the outer half in his final innings. That's an outstanding way to get the most out of an athletic body and developing stuff.


Brickhouse made a couple mistakes on fastballs that got knocked around but, otherwise, he was excellent again. His breaking ball got a few whiffs, including two in the dirt, but his changeup failed to draw whiffs.


Augusta GreenJackets lines:

Martin Agosta: 6 IP, 1 H, 1 R, 0 ER, 4 BB, 7 K

Matt Duffy: 2-4, 3B, RBI

Mitch Delfino: 2-4, RBI


Lexington Legends lines:

Bryan Brickhouse: 6 IP, 6 H, 2 R, 2 ER, 1 BB, 5 K

Raul Mondesi: 1-2, RBI, BB

Ethan Chapman: 1-2, BB

Bubba Starling: 0-4, 2 K

Humberto Arteaga: 0-4, 3 K


GreenJackets manager Mike Goff:

"(Brickhouse) has got good stuff. When he’s on, he’s tough. He runs it up 95-96 miles an hour, good hammer, controls the running game. We put a lot of guys in motion with hit and run, but we didn’t run off him because he’s so quick to the plate. We’re just fortunate to get a couple runs off him and hang on.


"Agosta threw the ball well. He made a couple mistakes, throwing 3-2 slider to one of the fastest guys in the league to walk him, which led to the only run they scored, which wasn’t smart. Other than that, I thought he did a very nice job.


(On Agosta walking two in the fifth, pitching coach Steve Kline visited him on the mound): "His pitch count was still in pretty good shape. We wanted to try to get six innings out of him. Our bullpen took a beating on the road, and we’re just trying to get these guys back to where we can use these guys on a consistent basis. We have a lot that got extended quite a bit on the road, so he gave us six innings, which was huge.


"Farley did a nice job and Mizenko finishing it off, if we had drawn it up, that’s the way we would have drawn it up. It worked out tonight.


"I think the only reason (Agosta) didn’t throw well on the road his one start was I thought he was nibbling early on. He was trying to go to his breaking stuff way too early, didn’t establish his fastball. I thought tonight he came out and established his fastball much better. He’s got a good fastball, very good arm, he’s just got to learn to throw to both sides of the plate and establish it. When you come out and let the other team see all four pitches in the first inning, you have nothing to go to the second time through the lineup. I thought he did a much better job.


"He was doing a nice job establishing the inside part of the plate, especially to the big boys. You start going in there, you just open up the outside part of the plate, makes it that much more difficult to stay on the pitch. That’s one thing he did very well tonight. He got them thinking about the inside part of the plate, so it opened up the outside part and did a nice job.


"We’ve done a good job when we give up leads, coming right back and scoring in the bottom half of the inning or top half. So far those guys have done a nice job bouncing back when something didn’t go our way, and our ability to stay away from the crooked number two nights in a row defensively, only giving up solos, has helped us. Last night bases juiced and we ended up getting out of it. Tonight first and third nobody out and only giving up one, that’s huge."


Martin Agosta

"Way better. All week we worked on just throwing fastballs to the glove. I struggled with command the last couple outings, so we worked harder this week and I felt better. It wasn’t where I want to be yet but was better. I had a little trouble commanding in and out but, like I said, it was way better.


(On breaking stuff): "It’s just all feel. When I know it’s there, it’s there. I made a couple mistakes with it, but overall it’s good.

(On the fifth): "I started getting a little tired, but there’s no excuse for that. Coming out in the sixth I threw strikes. I tried to get my arm slot up and it wasn’t working, so I tried to drop it down a little bit, and later on it was all feel. My mechanics were a little off and (Kline) came out and said you need to make this adjustment and it was better.


"Fastball was way better. Commanded way better. Little better life to it."