Posted April 2, 2013 11:15 am

GreenJackets roster built on pitching

2013 Augusta GreenJackets (Baseball America system ranking):


Martin Agosta (15)

Joseph Biagini

Brandon Farley

Kendry Flores

Ian Gardeck

Joan Gregorio

Stephen Johnson (21)

Derek Law

Mason McVay

Tyler Mizenko

Steven Okert (18)

Jose Reyes

Chris Stratton (3)



Eric Sim

Ben Turner



Stephen Branca

Travious Relaford

Mitchell Delfino

Matt Duffy

Shayne Houck

Joe Rapp



Jesus Galindo

Tyler Hollick

Charles Jones

Rafael Rodriguez


Rapid reaction: It should come as no surprise that the prospect strength of this team is in pitching. Stratton and Agosta were the Giants' top two picks in the 2012 draft, both college arms. Okert and Johnson are two flame-throwing relievers taken in the fourth and sixth rounds, respectively, in last year's draft, both college arms.


It should also come as no surprise that the offense is littered with speed and defense. Duffy is regarded as one of the best gloves taken by the Giants in last year's draft (18th round, Long Beach State). Galindo and Hollick will provide tons of speed and defense in the outfield. Hollick is regarded as a potential sleeper after being taken in the 14th round out of a community college in Arizona.


Look for full previews in the coming days.