Posted March 28, 2007 08:51 pm - Updated March 29, 2007 09:15 pm

Good things can happen at Augusta Regional Airport, right?

Nobody makes a fuss when their plane is on time, their flight attendant is polite and -- most importantly -- they avoid getting the dreaded BCS (body cavity search) at the security gate. But maybe we should make a fuss...especially in Augusta, where air travel has a certain reputation (certain meaning bad) among even those who never or rarely use the city's airport. I tend to think the preponderance of negative comments about service at Augusta Regional Airport makes people more likely to avoid the airport, which, in turn, lowers passenger counts and makes airlines want to provide less service. So, in the spirit of being "positive," I'd like to hear your story about a great experience you had using Augusta Regional Airport. Tell me about the time you were ready to book a flight out of Atlanta, but, just for the heck of it, you checked the fare out of Augusta and reconsidered (because, let's face it, you're a sucker if you drive to Atlanta for anything less than $200 difference). Tell me about the time that last ASA flight out of Atlanta (gasp!) wasn't canceled. I know that good travel stories exist out of Augusta Regional Airport, it's just they're rarely told. If you have one, reply to this blog or send your story to me at