Posted March 23, 2007 11:04 am

Trivial pursuits

I don't watch a lot of TV anymore because, well, it mostly sucks. But I recently discovered what might possibly be the best channel out there: The Tube Music Network. The Tube (Comcast Channel 241; Knology Channel 179) is what MTV stopped being 15 years ago: a music video channel. There's no reality shows, no "news" programs and no bikini-straining spring break specials (sorry, frat boys). They don't discriminate on music types, either - on one recent viewing I saw everything from The Kinks to Justin Timberlake. In this market, The Tube is affiliated with Augusta Fox affiliate WFXG-TV (Channel 54), which is operated by Raycom Media. As insincere as it is to thank a faceless corporation: Thanks, Raycom!