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Posted April 29, 2011 09:45 pm - Updated May 8, 2011 02:34 pm

Charl in Charge

I have to confess, I still catch myself thinking about the Masters Tournament.


It's kinda hard not to considering the privledge us photographers have. There's the privledge of having access of a "free" front row seat. I say free since we did go to college to study our professions and put in tireless efforts at other papers before coming here to Augusta.


And yes, there's the food. Who can't deny the coveted egg salad sandwich? Nay, not even Mickelson. I swear I saw him chomping on one on the 16th green. They are always gone in the first 15 minutes after being put out in the cooled display fridge. I digress.


There's the appreciation in opportunity to photograph the world's best golfers, even if you don't golf yourself.


And there's the drama of seeing the competition duke it out until the end. Did anyone predict so many tied leaders in the last five or six holes? It's was a movie script unfolding before our eyes. On the radios we kept changing our game plan as another "soldier" would be the casualty of shaky nerves.


In the end one man, Charl Schwartzel, a top 15 golfer in the world, would creep up the leader board. Ice water ran in his veins that day as he kept being "Mr. Clutch" on the back nine.


It was pure awesomeness baked in amazing, wrapped in whoa and deep friend in shazam!


I still cach my breath on the week that transpired thinking about the time I was a witness to such rich sports history.


I truly am blessed and privledged to be a part of such competitive grandeur.