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Posted October 17, 2010 08:23 pm

Improv Everywhere strikes again

What happens when you get more than 3,000 people to participate in an Improv Everywhere experiment in Times Square? Find out above.


Improv Everywhere is a crowdsourcing improv group, that uses the Internet to rally the masses to participate in large scale improv events. As their website explains, they are a:


Long form improvisation troupe which executes pre-planned "missions" which usually involve socially awkward or unusual situations.


They enlisted more than 3,000 people to download an MP3, gather in Times Square retail stores and press play at exactly 5 p.m.


In other news, Sesame Street is back in the realm of viral video, this time having nothing to do with any sort of questionable attire.They're merely spoofing Old Spice ads.