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Posted January 19, 2009 07:19 pm - Updated January 19, 2009 10:07 pm

ASU at USCA men

AIKEN -- The second top-10 matchup between ASU and USCA has brought what everyone thought: a packed house. The 10th-ranked Pacers will have their largest crowd in school history when they tip off against the 7th-ranked Jaguars in about 20 minutes.

Game's a few minutes away. Yep, it's packed out. The school will announce about 3,600 fans later.

ASU 9, USCA 4, 15:19 left until halftime

ASU's Garret Siler has a dunk and a foul. He exited the game for Jason Killeen when USCA's Josh Dollard entered. Javonte Clanton has a 3-pointer for USCA.

ASU 11, USCA 4, 14:23 left

Chris Commons just committed an offensive foul. He and Dollard have yet to put any points on the board. Siler's about the return as well as Daniel Dixon.

ASU 13, USCA 8, 12:38 left

USCA 13, ASU 13, 11:33 left

Dollard hit a 3, Clanton added a driving layup. Also, Siler's on the bench with 2 fouls.

USCA 16, ASU 16, 9:44 left

Seth Leonard just swished a 3 from the corner to tie it up for USC Aiken. Siler's about to return for ASU.

USCA 16, ASU 16, 8:28 left

ASU guard Steve Smith injured his left knee and left the game.

USCA 22, ASU 21, 5:50 left

Job Casimir drained a 3-pointer to give the Pacers the lead. Later, Chris Commons hit a 3 from the corner for his first points. ASUis in the double bonus, but the Jaguars have missed a slew of free throws.  

ASU 28, USCA 24, 2:42 left

Siler scored on a lay-in. Madgen popped a 3. Brathwaite then scored on a fast-break dunk.

USCA 31, ASU 31, 1:14 left

It's turned into a free-throw shooting contest.


Killeen and Howard Brown drained two free throws in the final 1:14 to give ASU the lead. Commons missed a 3 with 3 seconds left. Oguchi missed the putback.

The scoring is pretty balanced for both squads. Madgen leads ASU with 7 points. Dollard has 7 for USCA.

USCA 36, ASU 35, 18:25 remaining

Siler picked up two quick fouls and is on the bench with four.

ASU 44, USCA 43, 16:09

We're here at Foul Fest 2009. ASU has six fouls already. Siler and Greg Hire each have four. 

USCA 46, ASU 44, 14:20

The Pacers are in good shape. ASU's three biggest players now have four fouls after Killeen fouled Dollard, who made one of two free throws. Killeen remains in the game.

USCA 52, ASU 44, 12:33

ASU coach Dip Metress just picked up a technical foul. Siler returns. Dollard starting to take over. 

USCA 56, ASU 49, 9:57

Dollard has 19 points. USCA led by nine. Siler converted a three-point play and later drained two free throws to keep ASU in the game.

The refs barely have control of this thing. Both teams are in the bonus. I wouldn't be surprised if a fight occurred on court tonight.

USCA 60, ASU 55, 7:17

Dollard has four fouls. Dixon hit a huge 3 for ASU. Metress substituting players like crazy.

USCA 62, ASU 57, 5:34

Hire fouled out for ASU, an offensive foul after Madgen missed a game-tying 3 from the corner. Siler has 16 points for ASU. Commons has 16 for USCA.

USCA 64, ASU 61, 4:40

USCA 70, ASU 67, 1:49

Dollard fouled out, Egwuatu fouled out.

USCA 72, ASU 69, 1:10

USCA 74, ASU 69, :39.8

Commons just threw in a hook shot. ASU can't get a stop. It appears the Pacers have this game in hand.

USCA 74, ASU 72, :30.2

Wait one moment, Madgen just hit a clutch 3 for ASU.

USCA 76, ASU 74, :4.8

USCA inbounding the ball.

USCA 78, ASU 74, :4.1