Posted June 7, 2006 10:44 pm - Updated June 8, 2006 10:15 am

Please shut up about gay marriage

Elections must be around the corner because the gay marriage debate has resurfaced. I guess I am behind on the news. When did we finish the war on terror? How did we catch Osama Bin Laden? Where did we find the money to eliminate or at least reduce the budget deficit? Who reduced the unemployment rate? Where are our troops going now that they have finished up things in Iraq? Obviously all these things are fixed if our "leaders" have time to debate gay marriage. I am not an expert but last time I checked people are still dying in Iraq. Despite a slight dip in the unemployment rate, I still couldn't get a new job even if I wanted one. The federal deficit is through the roof. Osama is releasing tapes almost as frequently as the guys from Girls Gone Wild. And, I am pretty sure that people still want to blow this country up. With all of this, why in the heck are people arguing about gay marriage? Gay marriage is not the cause of any of the problems I mentioned above, and until someone can prove otherwise it shouldn't be on our government's radar. Here is the thing. I don't care if two men or two women want to get married. If they are dumb enough to fall in love and (no offense to my married friends) stupid enough to get married then let them. The divorce rate in this country is still high so maybe this will help bring it down. People talk about an attack on marriage. They say that the integrity of marriage must be preserved. Do they not watch reality TV? Over the last few years we have had shows like Married by America and The Littlest Groom. That is not exactly lifting up the institution of marriage. Our government is wasting our time and our money so that they can get reelected. They are only concerned about this because it looks good in their campaign ads. There are too many REAL issues that need to be fixed. Personally I hate marriage. I despise weddings. And the idea of love makes me sick to my stomach. But I know that for some people, gay and straight, those things are important. They mean something. Who are we to deny it to them? I'm not gay. Never considered it and even though I have ABSOLUTELY NO luck with women, I never will. It's not how I like to have fun but I am not going to look down on someone else because it's theirs. It is not my place to judge anyone for the moral choices they make. No one else on this Earth has that right either. That's for God or whatever higher power is up there to decide. On a side note: A while back I wrote about an issue I had with a female friend named Amber. She called and proceeded to royally tick me off. Well about 2 weeks ago she called to apologize apparently she has been going through a rough patch and decided to take out some of her frustrations on me. All is forgiven but I did remind her that I am the 'good' friend and she might want to start redirecting that anger. I figured since I publicly condemned her I should also publicly exonerate her. Email: