Posted January 26, 2008 11:18 am

Back To The Days Of Superbowl Blowouts

     As I sit and write this,  the line on the Superbowl continues to fall and I don'tknow why.  After the conference championship games the line opened up at New England -14.  It is now down to 11 1/2 and I expect it to level off at 10.  Apparently people have forgotten how explosive this New England offense can be when the weather is good.  Last time I checked, the weather in Phoenix is perfect.  The Pats will roll.  Remember those days of the Superbowl blowouts.  Washington destroyed Denver.  The Bears ripped the Patriots.  The 49ers drilled the Chargers.  Well folks, we are about to add another one to the list.  Heres why.

     The coaching matchup is a mismatch.  Give Bill Belichek two weeks to prepare a gameplan and you can take it to the bank.  Tom Coughlin is a competant coach, but he is simply outclassed in this matchup.  Not to mention the fact that his players don't respect or like him very much.

     The New England offense is the most explosive offense we have seen in some time.  The only thing that slowed them down was the weather.  The Pats had to run the ball more as the temps fell.  The weather in Phoenix resembles the weather early in the season.  You know, when the Pats were scoring points in bunches.  New England will open up the offense and score early and often.  Tom Brady is the best QB in the business.  The high ankle sprain should'nt affect him much by gametime. Randy  Moss,  Wes Welker, Donte Stallworth, Jabar Gaffney, and  Benjamin Watson are part of the most explosive and deepest receiving core EVER.  The Giants pretty much rely on Plaxico Burress.  .  Amani Toomer and Steve Smith are reliable but underutilized receivers.  Eli Manning is a wild card.  He has been playing lights out the last month and a half.  But I think he will wilt under the enormous spotlight that is the Superbowl and throw a few picks. 

     The Giants do have a slight edge in the running game.  Brandon Jacobs is a big, deceptively quick back.  He will have a decent first half.  Maroney and Faulk are a good combo, but are used primarily as receivers out of the backfield.

     Finally the Pats have a tremendous will to win.  This team just refuses to lose.  When you think of a professional football franchise, this team exemplifies that trait.  New England will deal the Giants an early blow and continue to pour it on.  My prediction...New England Patriots 44 - New York Giants 17.  Congratulations to the undefeated Patriots, perhaps the greatest football team ever assembled.