Posted January 10, 2008 09:59 am - Updated January 10, 2008 01:07 pm

BCS BS Aside, Lets Take A Look At The Craziest College Football Season Ever

Now that the college football season is officially over, I think it would be eye opening to take a look at the six BCS conferences and rank them in order of overall strength.  I understand that this is very subjective, and will hopefully stir a ton of debate.  Oh well, might as well dive right in.

#1 SEC...LSU wins the BCS championship and UGA finishes #2 in the final AP poll.  This conference is so deep and competitive that it sent nine teams to bowl games with seven teams winning their respective bowls.  The rugged week to week match-ups with their conference brethren does take a toll, but it also has these teams prepared and battle tested when they step up to bowl games.

#2 Big 12...With Oklahoma winning the Big 12 and Kansas also securing a BCS bowl berth, this conference moved closer to the top than they have been in a long time.  Missouri probably should have made a BCS game and Texas had an up and down year but rebounded nicely in their bowl game.  This conference should continue to provide some thrilling match-ups next season as well, as most of the talent in the entire Big 12 will be back next season.

#3 Pac 10...I have never been a big fan of Pac 10 football(maybe its that whole east coast bias thing), but the Pac 10 proved they were more than just a one team league this season.  Of course USC is the class of the Pac 10, once again winning the conference and sporting the best roster of athletes in the nation.  When Oregon was healthy, they were one of the elite teams in all of college football.  Arizona St was in or around the top ten all season.

#4 Big 10...The Big 10 does not play the prettiest style of football in the country, but it works for them.  Ohio St once again wins the conference in a down year, but fell flat once again to the overall team speed and athleticism of a superior SEC team.  Michigan bounced back from the season opening upset loss to have a solid season.  Illinois proved they were ready to step up and challenge the big two in the league.  Wisconsin, Michigan St and Penn St all had solid seasons as well.

#5 ACC...Virginia Tech was easily the best team in the ACC this season winning another conference title.  Clemson, Boston College, and Virginia all had solid seasons as well.  Boy it sure would be nice to see Miami and Florida St bounce back soon.  This would one of the most competitive conferences around if that would happen.

#6 Big East...West Virginia came within an eyelash of playing for the BCS championship this year. UConn, Rutgers, and South Florida had good years as well.  Hopefully the Big East can continue to make strides as far as the depth of good teams in the conference and Louisville can bounce back as well to make this a better league.

Well, there you have it.  This is only my opinion and sure I will get lots of disagreement and debate on this.  Great!!!  That is exactly what I am looking for!!  Lets have fun with this and look for my next blog.  Any ideas  you guys would like to talk about will certainly be taken under consideration.