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Posted July 16, 2008 01:53 pm - Updated July 16, 2008 02:09 pm

Who can stay up so late to watch a baseball game?

When a baseball game ends at 1:30 in the morning, I don’t think you can call it a game, anymore.

Sleep disruption? Perhaps.


Network television arrogance? No doubt.

But a game?

No. Tuesday night’s major league All Star game  was a seemingly endless stream of sales pitches, interrupted occasionally by baseball pitches.

“Who can stay up this late?” you ask.

Night watchmen, I would guess, in California.

The sad thing is, most missed a pretty baseball good game, and at 15 innings, almost a good double-header.

But  who was left to see that last, dramatic slide into home with the winning run?

It used to not be this way.

People used to love baseball and baseball used to love its afternoons.

Such was the case the last time the all-star game went 15 innings – 1967 – which I remember.


I remember thinking it was cool because all the scoring was done on solo homers, and all were hit by third-basemen (Richie Allen, Brooks Robinson and finally, Tony Perez of my beloved Cincinnati Reds.)  

The National League won – as it always did back then – 2-1.

But now baseball has gone to the dark side with its network needs that result in post-midnight contests.

It's left with an ownership that counts its coins in the pre-dawn dark and wonders why all its fans are somewhere sleeping.

Those fans are home in bed dreaming of good old days.


At least that’s what I think. What about you?