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Posted November 15, 2011 02:58 pm - Updated November 16, 2011 10:07 am

The Chronicle adjusts free access in digital subscription model

The Chronicle has tweaked the way its digital subscription works for access. More items are designated as premium content, but more premium pages can be sampled for free.


Access to the homepage, urgent breaking news, photos, video, databases, customer service pages and advertising sections (autos, homes, shopping and jobs) continues to be unencumbered. Those pages will not count as ‘premium’ views.  Everything else will.


Twenty premium pages can be sampled for free each month. We will notify you once you have visited 10 free premium pages, stopping you at 20. This should ease the experience for all readers who recently have been stopped at ten pages.


There will be more print and digital subscriptions values coming in 2012 that may include the iPad, e-edition and mobile versions. You can sample our online replica free for a limited time: This will also become part of our offerings in 2012.


You support daily and investigative journalism with your visits and your subscription. You read our analysis of the budget and payroll at City Hall with vigor. Our investigation into fire department issues was among the most read and commented on the site. The Chronicle editorials and  Rick McKee editorial cartoons are staples for many of you.


The plus all related Spotted and news and community websites (News-Times, McDuffie Mirror, North Augusta Today and more) are rated tops in the market with 763,977 unique visits in October. You can subscribe now.


Thank you.