World's Largest Stupid Argument

That's what they should start calling the debate about the silly nickname for the Georgia-Florida football game. That it wasn't dropped year's ago for being juvenile, unnecessarily provocative and flat-out wrong (anybody ever been to Mardi Gras?) is beyond me.

Boosters, students and idiots in general have recoiled in drunken horror at the sober request of the university presidents to have the sopho-moron-ic label "World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party" retired from being the primary reference of the annual rivalry football game in Jacksonville. The sensibility of the request is lost on people who haven't bothered to notice that alcoholic beverages don't need any more promotion at collegiate sporting events. People have been enjoying themselves just fine despite NCAA bans of alcohol advertising during broadcasts and sales at college venues.
Nobody is trying to step on anyone's buzz. The presidents are simply trying to promote more responsibility and moderation on impressionable young students who clearly need the lesson. It's a noble challenge facing long odds of sinking in through overly lubricated skulls.

By establishing on-campus drinking rules with tangible consequences for students who abuse them, the presidents aren't trying to turn everyone into teetotalers. They're simply trying to teach students to be responsible for their own actions. It is a learning environment, after all.

So for whatever small part it plays in the effort, count me in for never using the WLOCP label again. It was a dumb title anyway.

And if you have a problem with that, maybe you just have a problem.

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CSRAider 10/26/06 - 08:11 am
Hey!!!! Call It what you

Call It what you want to but remember this, When you guys that are so against the festivities get their DONT BE REACHIN IN MY COOLER!!!


imdstuf 10/26/06 - 09:34 am
They should call it "The

They should call it "The Georgia Gets Its A** Kicked Again Party"

10/29/06 - 08:00 pm
So you support the drinking,

So you support the drinking, but not the drinkers?
The “noble challenge facing long odds of sinking in” isn’t the empty rhetoric involved in what to call the Georgia-Florida game. College presidents will think they’ve actually done something, but will one beer go unsold? Will one shot of Crown be left in the bottle?
No, the “noble challenge facing long odds of sinking in” is the graduation rate of the typical college athlete. College presidents don’t want to make any “rules with tangible consequences” regarding anything that could harm their cash cow, the exploitation of young men and women who make millions of dollars for the university.

But we do agree on one thing.
It is supposed to be “a learning environment, after all.”

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