Posted March 4, 2010 09:14 am - Updated March 5, 2010 05:29 pm

Denim leggings can be the best of both worlds if worn in a stylish way

Denim leggings from Macy's young contemporary department

Denim leggings provide the best of both worlds: the look of skinny jeans with the stretch of leggings.

This is a trend that’s popped up everywhere from Urban Outfitters to Gap to H&M to Walmart. It’s found across all price points and at stores that carry diverse styles.

Because they’re a fusion of denim and leggings, some call them “jeggings,” and they adhere to different rules than leggings or denim.

I think the best kind are a dark denim color in a five-pocket style.

Here are some dos and don’ts: Do wear them with a loose shirt or tunic. The generous fabric of the top will offset the skinny cut of the denim leggings.

Don’t wear a shirt that is low cut or tight to avoid looking like you raided Catwoman’s closet.

Do wear them with a t-shirt or button up shirt.

Do try tucking in a looser-fitting shirt. Do use your discretion on whether or not it looks good that way.

Jean leggings are meant to be worn tight, but make sure they’re not too tight: it shouldn’t cut in too much on the sides, and it should hit you at a comfortable place in the stride.

Denim leggings enable you to try out other trends that would be hard to find a match for. For example, an oversized sweater that is too short to wear with leggings.

Looking for these leggings? You can find these stylish ones online at Gap, $69.50, or Urban Outfitters, $58

Do you wear jeggings? How do you wear them?