Simplifying in Iraq

It is really not my intention to oversimplify difficult and contentious issues. Having said that, I well realize that the Iraq dilemna is just that, a dilemna. We think we know why we went in there and in many ways we were sucessful. The main reason for going to Iraq was to introduce democracy as we know it here in the US. That was a new concept to most Iraqis but after several democratic style elections with comparitive huge turnouts they accepted it with many purple fingers.
Free elections is a staple in any democratic process. Consider an election there where the ballot asks only one question of the general populace in Iraq:

Should Americans (Coalition forces) stay in Iraq and finish the mission or should they all leave now?

The democratic answer will solve most all problems for them, for us and for the rest of the world that damns us for being there. Should we be asked to leave by the majority vote then we declare victory and leave.
Should we asked to stay then we will do so, Iraq, America and the rest of the world will know our combined resolve to finish the job while the majority of Iraqis want us there.

We wanted to bring democracy to that part of the world. We did some of that and through popular vote we either stay or leave. That may be oversimplifying but it is understood by everyone involved in a democratic process.

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Connor Threlkeld
Connor Threlkeld 10/21/06 - 06:53 pm
Read this book

Check out the book "America's Secret War" by George Friedman (founder of Stratfor, largest and most respected commerical intelligence service in the world) and learn why we're really there (yeah, nothing to do with WMD). He'll tell you what exactly we're doing, how we got to this point, why things are going better than most people think, the rest of the backstory to what's really going on in the war on terror and so much more.

I was impressed because he doesn't have any reason to have an agenda, tears down both sides for their mistakes, but gives credit where credit is due (very rare), and just does a great job explaining the facts. It's pretty unique in a genre full of one-sided, exaggerated, questionable books written by people who really don't seem to know as much as they say they do. If you look hard enough, you can always think something is biased if you're not open-minded enough, but I've looked at a lot of the writing on the subject, and this is by far the best I've seen out there.

10/22/06 - 09:31 pm
votes do cut through the

votes do cut through the rhetoric...
sometimes bringing Democracy to that part of the world seems like bringing calculus to fourth graders
lots of time and work, but it will happen
even if they vote for us to leave, they voted
seems like an elegant solution to me

10/24/06 - 03:37 pm
Wow! Some of the best ideas

Some of the best ideas are so simple.
Then we could put this on the ballot yearly to ensure continued support.
Perhaps we could begin to do the same thing here.
We could settle the prayer in school issue with one national vote.Next : gay marriage, the 10 Commandments in Court Rooms, Christmas decorations in Government Buildings.
The majority rule system, I love this idea.
Perhaps we could also bring back some other beliefs from an earlier time. To the victor go the spoils. When we win a war, like the war we so easily won in Iraq, we simply take the territority.
Bet we could drop gas prices before Christmas!!

mgroothand 10/26/06 - 10:27 am
I4PUTT: I've read your post

I4PUTT: I've read your post several times and from different angles but I still can't figure out whether you are being cynical, funny or just plain truthful. Maybe you could 'splain this for me and others who can't figure it out?

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