Twitter and the 2012 Election

The most-tweeted moment of the final presidential debate? Obama’s "horses and bayonets" line, with 106,000 thousands tweets per minute. A total of 6.5 million tweets were sent during the final debate.

Sunday’s newspaper will feature some of the best local tweets from the series of presidential debates leading up to Nov. 6. Look for it on page G2. 


Add your voice to the mix with the hashtag #augreacts. Augusta folks have been using it during each of the debates to share thoughts and responses in real-time, which the Chronicle has featured a selection each week in print and online. CHART: Full-size version of the most-tweeted moments from the final debate.


As Election Day draws closer, look for a new hashtag: #augvotes. It’s the hashtag our reporters will use to keep you up-to-date on local results, problems at the polls, and bits of behind-the-scenes information from campaign headquarters.


Stay tuned, and happy tweeting.

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