Moving back to move Forward

Sometimes we have to step back to move forward. This can mean going back to a job you left, moving back to a place you moved away from, or reconnecting with someone from your past. Sometimes, just sometimes,  moving back is actually a step forward.


When we think about going back  more often than not we think about it as a bad thing. I hear people say "no turning back" all the time. But what if back is the way forward? What if by not considering what's back there, what we left behind, we are missing something. Now of course there are somethings that are better left in the past, and we have to accept that. Other times there are things that we leave in the past out of pride, or confusion or  simply because "we've already done it" and those are the things I think are worth examining. 


There are many times in our lives when  we encounter people or situations that we are just not ready for, but as time moves on many of us have find ourselves doing things we never thought we'd do or living places we never thought we'd live. So why not look back, why not take stock of it all and make sure that there's nothing in the past we want to reconnect with, it might add value to your life.


My husband and I wresteled in the last year or so about where to move. We covered most of the United States as options (after we marked off all the places with extremely cold winters) and even considered moving out of the country, finally we decided to move back "home." The moment we made that decision all sorts of possibilities began to open up and things came together rapidly. Everything fit perfectly and it was such smooth transition.  That's what got me thinking "who knew that moving back was actually the way forward?"


So if there is something, someone, somewhere in your past that you've been thinking about and it wasn't a bad experience just an experience you had or maybe even a great one but you feel like, going back means going backwards, I challenge you to look into it and consider taking that step back and see if it actually moves you forward.


Until next time, Get Up and Thrive.




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