From the notebook of business editor Tim Rausch

White sale

WHITE SALE: Remember when Clay and Braye Boardman, Julian Roberts III and Turner Simkins, a rock 'n' roll supergroup equivalent for a local business partnership, acquired the old J.B. White building downtown?

Of course you don't. That was 1999; you were too busy checking your stock.

Their initial plan to convert the shuttered, 83,000-square-foot white elephant into upscale apartments never went any further than cleaning the asbestos out of the former department store. That's because there were a few distractions, such as the Boardmans selling their family's convenience store chain and Mr. Simkins taking on the mammoth Hammond's Ferry project in North Augusta.

It's no secret that the group has been trying to sell the building to someone who will run with their original idea. Sources say a deal with an Atlanta-based partnership is on the horizon. Stay tuned.

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