Posted October 27, 2013 08:23 pm

Ohio State marching band at it again

Remember that time the Ohio State marching band was featured in this space for its video game halftime show? It's back. 


On Saturday, the band did a show featuring movie music, and animated it. Superman flies out of a phone booth to prevent a building collapse. The Lord of the Rings eye. Harry Potter flies on a broom. Dinosaur from Jurassic Park eats some guy. 


It's solid stuff. This, on top of last week's Michel Jackson tribute, featuring a moonwalking MJ, complete with white glove. 


It seems their band has figured out the formula to keep people interested in halftime.


1) Play music people recognize.

2) Make shapes people recognize. 

3) Add some fireworks. 


I wonder if it's starting to affect their halftime concessions sales revenue, those stands were packed.