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Best of 2010

You've seen the best videos of 2010. So why would I post this? To highlight my favorite*. Ohh, and you might want to look away and/or not watch the video if you're offended by the word D&mn.


Jimmy McMillan, candidate for New York governor during the 2010 elections, became famous for his campaign speeches during the debates. Representing his own party, "The Rent is Too Damn High Party," various editions of McMillan's rants have attracted millions of views. They're just funny. But they're so true.


His campaign successfully attracted more than 40,000 votes. Positions on the issues included:

  • Gay marriage: If you want to marry a shoe, I'll marry you.
  • Environment: Wants to bulldoze all the mountains in upstate New York.


Anyways, if you have a thing for extreme lambchop sideburns and need a good laugh, take a look at the man who has already come out to announce his 2012 run for the presidency. On the Republican ticket so he does not have to win a primary against incumbent Barack Obama.


*At least, my favorite one that I just saw again from 2010.

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