Posted November 25, 2010 09:46 pm

Chinese build 15 story hotel in 6 days

In a testament to Chinese efficiency, an experiment in modular construction was conducted in China recently. A 15 story hotel was constructed in just six days, utilizing modular and prefabricated construction techniques and a 24-hour work site.


As Gizmodo put it:


"Chinese build 15 story hotel in just six days, rest on seventh."


Fortunately, there's time lapse video of the incredible feat, which included brickwork, triple-pane windows, soundproofing, insulation, wiring and other time-intensive work. Video complete with soothing yet awe-inspiring piano music, I might add.


As one commenter mentioned, how crazy would it be to leave your home for a week's vacation and come back to find a 15 story hotel standing on a once vacant lot?