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There's an App for that?

The fine Austrian folks at Table.Connect have developed a way to connect your iPhone to a table-sized display.


So for everyone interested in taking all the great aspects of a portable device like the iTouch or iPad and making it nearly impossible to carry around, Table.Connect is for you.


Is it cool? Sure. But is it everything the iPhone was designed not to be from a portability standpoint? Absolutely.


Unfortunately for all you iPhone fans out there, the developers are still in talks to mass produce such a device. And yes, as it stands, you would need to jailbreak your iPhone to make it work.


In other news, the lovable pals at Sesame Street have developed the next generation of iStuff. The iPogo, a pogo stick with a Swiss Army Knife assortment of gadgets. Apparently there is an app for meeting a guy named Matt and finding a place to put your hat.



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