Posted October 4, 2010 09:51 pm - Updated October 4, 2010 09:53 pm

A fiery reception

Video of extreme climber Drew Bristol descending into an active volcano is making waves on the 'Net, drawing claims of Photoshopping, insanity or some combination of the two.


The climber was part of a team lead by filmmaker/volcanologist Geoff Mackley, who was attempting to capture video of an active volcano with a touch of humanity added for dramatic effect. The video was shot at Marum Volcano at Ambrym Island in Vanuatu, located in the Pacific Ocean about 400 miles from Australia.


Nobody can say this guy needs to get out more, just check out his website. And resume. He shoots the news video nobody else will shoot, and had his own Discovery Channel reality show based on his exploits. Weather Channel guys on location in a hurricane? Boring.


Just think: In ten years, the X-Games will have an event where guys do skateboard tricks over volcanos like this.


References to Lord of the Rings were running rampant in the comments.


Credit: GrindTV blog