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Watch This is back

After two months on hiatus, we'll see if we can get this YouTube blog started up again.

Lacking a real plan (the way most great blogs begin), we'll start off from some of the best of the top ten most viewed of all time. I'll skip the music videos (do you really want to see Justin Bieber?) and go straight to the classics.

#3 - Charlie Bit My Finger... again! - 225 million views

I like it because it reminds me of my son, who just added a bunch of new teeth in the last few weeks, and likes testing them on my fingers.

#6 - Evolution of Dance - 151 million views

Motivational speaker Judson Laipply, who you had never heard of until you watched him dance (what does he speak about, overcoming his previous lack of YouTube fame?)*, does a six minute routine going through 30 popular dance sensations of the past few decades.

*Seriously, I looked it up. He went to college, graduated, and became a motivational speaker. There's a degree for that?

In other news, the guy that brought you has launched ZeroViews, a website featuring the best of the worst on YouTube, a blog featuring videos he discovers that have zero views. Sometimes they don't have any views because they're new, others don't have any views because they're bad. You decide.

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