Former USC Aiken star Meredith Legg discusses her cancer battle

Meredith Legg, the all-time leading scorer in USC Aiken women's basketball history, is set to be inducted into the school's athletic hall of fame Friday night. For almost three years, she's been battling uveal melanoma, a rare form of cancer, which was originally found in her left eye. That tumor has been eradicated, but she is now fighting off cancer in her liver. Last year, she endured 12 rounds of chemoembolization and immunoembolization treatment to combat six tiny lesions, which were found either to have shrunk or remained stable in a checkup a few days ago. She goes back for another MRI in two months.

Check the Friday edition of The Augusta Chronicle for a story about her. Until then, you can read this q-and-a session.


Question: How do you feel right now?

Legg: "I tell people all the time I feel like a new person when I'm not getting treated. Since December, everything has been stable. So I was able to get December and January off from treatment."


Question: So how long is one of your treatments?

Legg: "Basically, about a week, from Sunday to Sunday. Monday would be my appointment with my oncologist. Tuesday I would start my treatment. Then, I'd be in the hospital Tuesday and half of Wednesday. Then, I'd spend Thursday, Friday and Saturday to recover and then fly home Sunday."


Question: Could you get a liver transplant?

Legg: "That was one of my first questions. As young as I am, the doctors don't want me to get a liver transplant. They want to just use what I have. I have a good liver. ... If you cut your liver, it will regenerate. So even if they cut some of it out, it could regenerate itself."


Question: So could they just cut the lesions off your liver?

Legg: "They could, but here's the key: you have to find a source first. There is no source. We haven't found it."


Question: So what's the hope now?

Legg: "It's containment. There really isn't a cure. There's all sorts of research for melanoma, all sorts of new things coming out. ...As long as I'm stable, I'll continue to do the treatments on my liver. We're just buying time, basically."




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