Posted November 14, 2011 11:47 am

Falcons coach made the right call

Falcons coach Mike Smith is getting hammered for going for it on fourth-and-inches deep in Atlanta territory (the 29-yard line to be exact) in overtime. As you know by now, the gamble failed. Michael Turner got stuffed in the backfield, and John Kasay knocked in a chip-shot field goal.

As former Jets coach Herm Edwards famously said, you play to win the game. Smith was trying to be aggressive. It's easy to say the defense would've held the Saints, like it did late in the game and already in overtime. But that's a mere assumption. Drew Brees already threw for 310 yards in the game. What's to say he wouldn't engineer a long drive for a field goal? And if the defense was so good, why did it allow the Saints to march from the 29 to the 8 after Smith's gamble?

My only qualm with the decision: Why not a QB sneak instead? That made more sense than handing the ball off to Turner four yards in the backfield. Ryan could've punched it forward for a yard.

What do you think? Dumb decision? Great call, but poor execution? Falcons should have punted?