Music By Turner: 7 Bridges will give that peaceful easy feelin’ of seeing Eagles live

7 Bridges is the only Eagles tribute band that actually has each member representing a particular band member. Augusta Amusements will bring the group to Evans for a show on Sept. 8. SPECIAL

Isn’t it ironic how some folks can remember exactly where they were and what they were doing when they first heard a particular song?


It’s the same for many of us with movies, too. I can recall where I saw Jaws and The Exorcist (The Imperial), A Hard Day’s Night (The Miller) and even The Sound of Music (Daniel Village Rocking Chair Theatre)!

For me, The Eagles (or, as Don Henley insists, just “Eagles,”) invaded my car stereo with a song one day in 1972 called Take It Easy. It was their first single and I was hooked!

I immediately went into Tompkins’ Music on Walton Way and, much to my surprise, they had the album! I bought it for $4.98 as well as the single as it had a flip side Get You in the Mood that was not on the album.

Yes, I was a completist … and a nerd at that! Yes, I probably still am.


Who Were these Guys? Dept. I knew about bassist Randy Meisner from his work with Rick Nelson, and I recognized guitarist-banjo player Bernie Leadon from his days working with Gram Parsons and Chris Hillman’s “Cosmic American Music” Band called The Flying Burrito Brothers.

But these Henley and Frey guys? I had never even heard of them. Yep, that changed soon.

Most everybody knows the Eagles’ backstory of hits, drugs, and arguments galore. But when Glenn Frey passed away last year, it was uncertain if the band would continue.

Of course they are, and with just one original member remaining (Henley) The Eagles are now more or less a great tribute band charging $102-$902 for their upcoming shows in Atlanta.

Gee, that’s kinda pricey, don’t ya think? Yikes!


New Kids in Town Dept. Why not consider a band who Rolling Stone called “The Best Eagles Tribute Band on Earth?”

7 Bridges are coming to the Jabez Sanford Hardin Performing Arts Center, 7022 Evans Town Center Blvd. in Evans, on Sept. 8, with tickets at just $39.50 for the 7:30 show. You can purchase them online at or by calling (706) 722-0366.

7 Bridges, (named after the Steve Young song sung a capella on The Eagles Live set,) is the only Eagles tribute band that actually has each member representing a particular band member.

There are even musicians performing the vocals and guitar parts of Joe Walsh and Don Felder and one recreating the bass lines and harmonies of both Eagles bassists Meisner and Tim Schmidt.

Yes, you will hear the hits and even a few solo numbers at the intimate Hardin setting in Evans. These guys are good, and for $39.50 it will certainly save you some bucks in “The Long Run.”

Augusta Amusements season

Augusta Amusements events begin at 7:30 p.m. (unless noted) at the Jabez S. Hardin Performing Arts Center, 7022 Evans Town Center Blvd. in Evans. For ticket information, visit

  • Sept. 8: 7 Bridges – The Ultimate Eagles Experience.
  • Oct. 5: A Tribute to the King. Travis LeDoyt celebrates Elvis.
  • Oct. 7: Molly Ringwald, performing jazz.
  • Oct. 13: Melissa Manchester, the Grammy Award-winning artist.
  • Oct. 21: Jaimee Paul, performing gospel, blues and jazz.
  • Nov. 10: Almost Elton John and The Rocket Band, with Craig Meyer.
  • Dec. 20: Annie Moses Band, a concert of classical, Americana, folk and jazz.
  • Jan. 12: Not Fade Away – The Ultimate Buddy Holly Experience.
  • Jan. 27: Moon Mouse – A Space Odyssey. A cosmic adventure presented by Lightwire Theater. 3:30 and 7:30 p.m.
  • Feb. 1: Dreams on Ice, performed by professional skaters, dancers, singers.
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  • Feb. 17: Southern Fried Chicks Cage-Free Comedy Tour.
  • March 9: Olate Dogs, a high-flying, high-energy pooch performance.
  • March 23-24: Liverpool Legends, an award-winning Beatles tribute.
  • April 27: Ray Charles on My Mind, a hybrid concert/theater work.
  • May 5: The Michael Jackson Experience, with Michael Firestone.