KIRBY: Who talks ‘global warming’ in January?

Be quick to learn and wise to know.


– George Burns


A guy waiting near me at the barber shop expressed the opinion that we don’t seem to hear the phrase “global warming” so much on TV when there are snow flurries outside, but you do hear the phrase “climate change” a lot more.

His implication, I guess, was global warming seems less believable when you have to scrape ice off the windshield. There is also a suspicion global warming will probably make a return in June when it feels more plausible.

I wondered about his perception.

So I did a “search” on the general Associated Press wire and found that that since the first of the year, I got about 200 hits on “climate change,” but only 57 items mentioned “global warming.”

Does that prove anything?

I don’t think so, but it would explain why the guy in the barber shop hadn’t heard much about it lately.


WEATHER OR NOT: It got cold and in some places icy on Wednesday and much of it was not predicted. Were we let down by the “experts” who didn’t see it coming? (Also a hot barber shop topic.)

Well, perhaps by some who pretend to know more than they do. But most meteorologists will candidly admit one really can’t predict very far out and even then so much can change. The Old Farmer’s Almanac, I noticed, predicted mild temperatures this week.


TODAY’S BIRTHDAY IS: Robert E. Lee, whose father, the not quite as famous “Lighthorse Harry” Lee, successfully led troops against the British at the Battle of Augusta during the American Revolution.

Despite the elder Lee’s military and political success (he was governor of Virginia), he would die three decades later after being almost beaten to death by a political mob in Baltimore.

History can both hurt you and forget you.


TODAY’S JOKE: Robert Harwood shares a true story.

“The wife has a nasty bug, and for the first time in years I head to the store with the weekly grocery list. Some items are easily found but a good many require time, lots of time.

“Then one item forces me to break the rule that separates us real men from the herd. I ask for direction from an employee busy stocking shelves. The response is polite but I feel rather like a small child. Who would know chicken salad is in the deli?

“With just one item left, the wife calls wondering if she should call the police to look for me. “Just tell me where to find this brand of ginger ale and I’ll be right home,” I tell her.

“What follows is the most frustrating conversation in 38 years of marriage. We are both at wits end. Ginger ale is important when you’re sick and I can’t leave it off, but I tell her I have completely covered Publix four times.

“And then she says, ‘Publix doesn’t carry it. I shop at Kroger.’”

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