KIRBY: Survey finds increase in fall vacations

Autumn … the year’s last, loveliest smile.


– William Cullen Bryant


A growing trend? Fall vacations.

According to a new survey from AAA, 28 percent of Americans are planning a vacation this year between Labor Day and Thanksgiving.

And why not? The survey found these benefits cited: Autumn offers fewer crowds (and children), nice weather and cheaper rates. Road trips are the preferred activity for fall travelers, AAA says. “Thanks to milder weather, outdoor events such as fall festivals and visits to national and state parks are particularly popular.”

Maybe that’s why we’re still getting postcard reports.

Philip and Hilda Barnhart spent a weekend in Holmes County, Ohio, visiting son Andrew and his family. Mike and Nancy from Augusta sent a Jekyll Island card, but said it was sent from a Grand Canyon vacation. Mary Ann and James, of Hephzibah, were in New York, visiting family and avoiding Irma.

From Flat Rock, N.C., Mary Jo Rowen says she visited the Hendersonville Apple Festival and saw poet Carl Sandburg’s nearby farm.

“Several days of fog and mist,” she writes, “have reminded us of his most quoted poem – Fog … and of his parodying of it to entertain his grandchildren:

“De fog come on itti bitti kitti footsies,

He sit down on Chicago and – whamo – he gone.”

Half a world away, Ginny and Jeff Guerrant, of Aiken, sent a map postcard showing their river cruise on the Seine River in France.

“Started in Paris,” they wrote, “and visited the extremely popular Versailles, then went to see Monet’s beautiful gardens. Now in the Normandy region and will visit Omaha Beach and the American Cemetery. Weather has been warm and sunny – great wines, as well.”

Corky and Debbie Holloway, of Evans, “had a great time at the Bojangles 500.” They stayed in Florence, S.C., after the race in Darlington.


THANKS AGAIN: It was nice to see so many old friends earlier this week at the Life After 50 event.

Thank you for the kind words and for asking about my little dog. He is becoming much like me. Older, nap-prone, losing hair and showing diminished sight and hearing.

But somehow, we both still show up for supper.


TODAY’S JOKE: Buddy Holbrook shares this one.

Two good old boys from south Texas went up to Minnesota in winter to do some ice fishing. They found a likely spot, got out all their gear and laid it on the ice.

One fellow picked up the chainsaw and began to cut a hole, when a voice rang out saying, “There are no fish under there!”

They looked around for a moment, then one called out, “Are you sure?”

The answer came quickly, “Yes!”

The boys paused a moment, then one Texan asked loudly, “How? Are you God?”

“No,” the voice responded, “but I am the owner of this ice skating rink.”

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