Kirby: The race we all run

I have to dream and reach for the stars, and if I miss a star then I grab a handful of clouds.


– Mike Tyson


The old dog was dreaming again.

He was curled up in his little bed at the foot of ours when my wife and I heard the faint barks.

We peered over and saw him, lying there, but sort of moving, like his legs were running. The picture of fast asleep.

As if on cue, he gave out another little series of muffled barks. Not angry; more plaintive.

“Guess he’s dreaming,” I told Mrs. Kirby.

“You’re the one that says dogs don’t think like people,” she reminded me.

I shrugged.

“He turned 13 on Wednesday,” I said. “That makes him what … 91?”

She didn’t answer for a moment, but then asked, “What do you think he’s dreaming of?”

“The usual,” I said quickly. “That his hair is thick again. That his back doesn’t hurt and that he has just spotted that cute poodle down the street.”

“But you always say dogs don’t think like us,” she said.

I muzzled my reply.


AIR FORCE QUESTION: When I spoke last week to the Augusta Museum of History’s monthly Brown Bag Lunch, I told them we benefit today from the action taken by the late Gov. Carl Sanders to keep the Army from diminishing Fort Gordon in the early 1960s.

Sanders, as most of you know, went to the White House and successfully made his hometown’s case to then-President Kennedy, even though it thwarted a deal made by Georgia Sen. Richard Russell to shift our mission to New Jersey.

Someone in the audience asked if I had ever heard that Russell previously had tried to get Augusta named as the site for the Air Force Academy.

I had not read that anywhere, but looking in the archives, I found an Augusta group, led by Lester Moody, Sherman Drawdy, Millard Beckum and others, unsuccessfully mounted such an effort in 1954.

By June, The Chronicle reported, three locations – Colorado Springs, Alton, Ill., and Lake Geneva, Wis., – were finalists, and one didn’t want it.

“Darn it,” said the president of the Lake Geneva Chamber of Commerce. “If they pick us, it certainly won’t help our resort business. Most of our local income is derived from the summer tourist trade.”


TODAY’S JOKE: A doctor saw a lawyer friend at a party and pulled him aside to ask his advice.

“Whenever I’m at a social function,” the doctor said, “people tell me their medical problems. I don’t mind advising them, but I keep thinking they’re taking advantage. Would it be legal or ethical for me to bill them?”

Absolutely,” said the attorney. “That will be $200.”


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