Shopgirl: New trends are colorful from head to coat

What’s New


The Apple AirPods, the little white earbuds that are wireless and look like two sticks poking out of users’ ear canals, have gotten pretty good reviews so far. However, there is a $99 pair that doesn’t look as ridiculous and is just as good.

Reviews are saying the Crazy Baby Air Nano wireless earbuds are the next thing to give Apple a real run for its money, with fast charge time, great sound quality, easy bluetooth pairing, and of course a price that is significantly lower than the AirPods’ $159 price tag.

As of now, the brand is crowdfunding for a rollout that started in late November and will continue through January. The earbuds come in 10 great colors and if you order quickly, you can get the earbuds for just $69 as part of a Super Early Bird Special. Go to for more information and to order.

What’s Trendy

The 3rd annual Mr. Fezziwig’s Christmas Ball is on Dec. 2, right out of a Charles Dickens Christmas wonderland. You’ll be greeted by costumed characters, entertained by the cast of A Christmas Carol: The Musical by The Augusta Players, and treated to wide array of food and drinks.

The ball will take place in the rotunda of the Augusta Museum of History, which will be fully decorated for the occasion. Period attire is encouraged but not required, and the entire event promises to be unforgettable. For more information, call The Augusta Players at (706) 826-4707 or get more information at

What’s Affordable

You’ve probably noticed that faux fur coats in crazy colors are all the rage this winter, but you may not know that one of the best places to try this trend on for size is a retailer that may surprise you – Forever 21.

This year, they’ve produced an incredible array of faux fur coats in colors ranging from olive green to a rich red and yellow to millennial pink – almost all for less than $75.

Of course, there’s nothing worse than a cheap-looking faux fur, but I have to say these coats are shockingly good looking (especially considering the price). For the best results, I would recommend ordering online so the fur pile hasn’t gone through hundreds of customers’ touching and grabbing. Head to to see the whole selection.



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My family often accuses me of being a difficult person to Christmas shop for. While it is true that my tastes run toward the particular and tend to lean heavily on easy-to-wrap standards such as books and records, I believe that as I get older, I’m less concerned with the item than the idea. Give me something I believe you have thought about and carefully considered, and I’m happy. The present clearly purchased at the drug store the day before is met with considerably less enthusiasm.

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