Shopgirl: New Instagram feature great for keeping – not displaying – old photos

WHAT’S NEW: It’s a modern skill, but we all now have to keep track of our online appearance and go back every now and then to delete some posts or photos that might not look so great in hindsight.


However, Instagram has added a feature that allows you to hide posts that might look silly or unflattering now, but that you don’t necessarily want to delete altogether.

I think this is a great option, because for this generation that’s been brought up recording their lives on social media, many of their memories and documentation are stored on these social media accounts.

While you might not want to keep front-and-center that photo of you with tons of filters from 10th grade, it certainly shouldn’t be a part of your current social identity. This allows users to have the best of both worlds and use the platforms for storage and narration while not necessarily making this 100 percent public.

WHAT’S TRENDY: Flat platform heels, or “flatforms,” have been in circulation over the past few seasons, and they aren’t going anywhere soon. From sandals to sneakers, the chunky yet somehow subtle heel has shown up on the red carpet and in your favorite bargain big-box stores.

This style seems particularly suited to summer, and in fact there has been an explosion of appearances in recent months. Zara has a super-cute pair of sandals that has bright floral ties, and a stacked raffia heel in the flatform style (just $60). If you want a more all-season style, Nordstrom’s half-yearly sale includes a pair of Vince slip-on platform sneakers that add a fun twist to the classic slip-on sneaker style ($135).


WHAT’S AFFORDABLE: Westo­bou gallery’s special exhibition for June and July is called “Black White Read,” by Atlanta artist Esteban Patiño. The exhibition is curated by Shannon Morris and features drawings, paintings, sculptures and interactive pieces all centering on the idea of language and its relevance in our society and our lives. There will be an opening reception with the artist 5-8 p.m., June 2.

The exhibit and the reception are free and are part of Westobou’s year-round contribution to the Augusta arts scene.



Pop Rocks: Augusta, my Christmas wish list has one thing

My family often accuses me of being a difficult person to Christmas shop for. While it is true that my tastes run toward the particular and tend to lean heavily on easy-to-wrap standards such as books and records, I believe that as I get older, I’m less concerned with the item than the idea. Give me something I believe you have thought about and carefully considered, and I’m happy. The present clearly purchased at the drug store the day before is met with considerably less enthusiasm.

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